Achieving excellent yield with holistic photomask solutions

ZEISS Semiconductor Mask Solutions

Semiconductor Mask Solutions

ZEISS is a leading supplier of both metrology and manufacturing equipment for the global Semiconductor Industry. With focus on a key component in the semiconductor manufacturing process, the photomask, ZEISS enables their customers to produce optimal photomasks achieving highest yields. To ensure close geographical proximity to our customers we can rely on a dense global network of local branches and representatives. Spare part hubs in Asia, USA und Europe allow fast response times to fulfil production requirements.
Development cooperations with industry consortia as well as individual customers keep us tuned to the rapidly emerging and changing requirements of photomask technology.


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Exhibition will be held on Feb 9 - 11, 2022 at COEX, Seoul.

Repair Solutions Repair of smallest defects.

Disposition & Verification Prevent defects from printing

Metrology Solutions

Measure photomask registration

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Tuning Solutions

Improve registration and overlay