Photomask metrology solutions

Perfect image placement, CD and mask to mask overlay information with ZEISS PROVE systems

The image placement remains an important aspect of photomask metrology. Not only the position accuracy of features for an individual mask – representing one layer in a complete chip design – have to meet stringent requirements. The complete mask set for all layers have to match in order to get a functional device. 

High Resolution Registration and Overlay Metrology System

With the introduction of multi-pattering schemes most difficult layers in terms of critical dimensions have to be split into separate layouts and overlayed with each other. These tasks require registration metrology tools which employ high resolution capabilities and yet unprecedented specifications on reproducibility and accuracy for precise image placement measurements.

Scientific Papers

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Wafer alignment mark placement accuracy impact on the layer-to-layer overlay performance

It has been demonstrated that the mask-to-mask overlay contribution can be fully characterized by off-line measurements on the PROVE mask registration tool. This characterization includes the impact of the marks that are used for reticle alignment...

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The impact of the reticle and wafer alignment mark placement accuracy on the intra-field mask-to-mask overlay

The mask-to-mask writing error contribution as part of the on-wafer intra-field overlay performance has been extensively studied over the past few years. An excellent correlation (R2 > 0.96) was found between the off-line registration measurements...

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Intra-field mask-to-mask overlay, separating the mask writing from the dynamic pellicle contribution

The number of masks required to produce an integrated circuit has increased tremendously over the past years. The main reason for this is that a single layer mask exposure and etch was no longer sufficient to meet the required pattern density. A s...

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The leading-edge registration and overlay metrology system

PROVE® neXT offers proven best in class repeatability and accuracy for mask manufacturing as well as Multibeam and VSB calibration. It works with a litho-grade 193nm optics for lowest aberrations. The system offers a better resolution than any other optical registration measurement tool with an NA of 0.8 for the measurement of smallest production features. All types of photo and nano–imprint masks can be precisely measured without loss of image contrast. A fast throughput can be realized for all measurement tasks including local registration map (LRM).

Digital Solutions

Running on the computational engine FAVOR®

The FAVOR® platform enables productivity and reliability enhancement through intelligent automation. 

Local Registration Map (LRM)

It is a new measurement mode for PROVE® that allows to measure registration in a macroscopic field instead of tiny features. This will be especially helpful to calibrate mask writers.

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