Photomask repair solutions

Photomasks featuring zero printable defects with ZEISS MeRiT systems

Scaling trends towards smaller technology nodes and feature sizes are continuing and EUV technology is becoming increasingly important in the semiconductor industry. Associated costs with these semiconductor devices raise exponentially and with them the necessity to repair defective high-end photomasks. With MeRiT® photomask repair systems ZEISS offers optimized solutions based on leading edge technology for the repair of high-end photomasks enabling the repair of smallest new generation defects on every type of photomask.

High precision e-beam mask repair

ZEISS MeRiT systems represent the state-of-the-art tools for repair of high-end photomask based on focused electron beam induced processing. The systems enable the repair of ultra-small defects by high-end electron beam columns optimized for lowest energies. Transparent and opaque defects of many different geometries on binary, phase-shift nanoimprint templates and EUV masks can be repaired. The modular software of the system in conjunction with the pattern copy feature delivers highest degree of automation. The recipe based operation provides a high flexibility and allows user specific extensions for upcoming mask types. 

MeRiT® neXT New techniques in ebeam mask repairs

The ZEISS MeRiT neXT mask repair technology follows two strategies to meet the demands of tomorrow‘s lithography: The required repair quality in terms of resolution and placement accuracy is being addressed by an updated and enhanced ebeam platform including an actively controlled mini-environment. Minimum repair size as well as new and challenging mask technologies are being handled by an increased number of processes.

How does low e-beam energy mask repair work? Watch the video about ZEISS MeRiT neXT technology

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Digital Solutions Running on the computational engine FAVOR®

The FAVOR® platform enables productivity and reliability enhancement through intelligent automation. ZEISS offers several automation applications. All listed solutions are supported by the MeRiT® technology.

SEM AutoAnalysis (SAA)

SEM AutoAnalysis extends the AIMS™ AutoAnalysis solution available for the back end of line of mask manufacturing. With its production proof concept it brings automation to the evaluation of SEM based images resulting in increased reliability, less variability and finally a reduction of turnaround time. Moreover, mask makers can harness more information from already existing SEM data. This adds more credibility to the defect-qualifying step.

Advanced Repair Center (ARC)

The Advanced Repair Center is a completely new category of products capable of connecting tools and software products in a smart way. It is a back end of line manufacturing enterprise solution that targets productivity, costs saving and shorter turnaround time through the use of intelligent automation. Built on the connectivity provided it facilitates data management and process flow optimization for the entire defect handling process. That significantly reduces the required amount manual interactions and makes processes less prone to human errors resulting in increased reliability.

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