Photomask tuning solutions

Tuning applications provide Intra-Field solutions at high Lateral Resolution for CDU and Overlay ZEISS ForTune Systems

Wafer Fabs highly depend on predictability and credibility. Achieving high yields is essential to convince their customers of the capability of the fab. Any process excursion that reduces the yield significantly undermines the trust of the customer into the fab’s capability and reliability. ZEISS offers an innovative solution preventing excursion and improving the Wafer On-Product-Overlay (OPO).

ForTune EUV
now available

High performance mask tuning system

ZEISS ForTune and ZEISS ForTune EUV  improve wafer intra-filed litho parameters by mask tuning in high lateral resolution on top of any other available solution in the market and in low cost. The systems are available for all market segments (Memory, Logic in DUV and EUV) and cover the following applications:


RegC Application
Both, ForTune and ForTune EUV, improve high frequency wafer On Product Overlay (OPO) by correcting the scanner delta lens fingerprint or reducing wafer intra-field overlay.

CDC Application
The probability of process defects caused by wafer intra-field CDU can be reduced applying ZEISS ForTune. Following the excursion prevention strategy increases thereby wafer yield.

Scientific Papers

on the benefit of excursion prevention

Improving Chip Performance by Photomask Tuning: Ultimate intra-field CD control as a major part of an overa...

Excursion prevention is one of the key points in the mission of leading edge foundries. In this paper, we concentrate on patterning excursions and how to prevent them. This strategy concentrates pro-actively on the task to minimize the distributio...

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Enhanced Wafer Overlay Residuals Control; Deep Sub-Nanometer at Sub-Millimeter Lateral Resolution

The introduction of advanced technology nodes in deep UV (DUV) lithography (litho), involving multiple litho steps, has tightened the wafer on-product overlay specifications [1]. The industry trend already pushes the overlay requirements to the su...

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Reduce Probability of Wafer Intra-Field Process (Printing) Defects for Logic & DRAM Applications

Wafer Intra-Field Process (Printing) Defects created due to various process segments. Narrow Lithography process window (Litho PW), effected by Dose & Focus (calibrated by FEM – Focus Exposure Matrix), is one of the major contributors for the wafe...

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Improving wafer overlay for EUV technology

Achieving overlay (MMO – Mix & match Overlay) at the EUV technology is getting challenging since the current industry knobs have limited control. Especially for high order overlay like K13 that is missing in the EUV scanners.

The novel ZEISS ForTune EUV is a high-performance mask tuning system improving wafer overlay for EUV technology, based on mask registration or wafer intra-field overlay input. The newly developed system enables mask tuning for EUV masks with low backside coating mask transmission (e.g. standard Hoya TaB 70nm backside coating) by well controlled deformation of the EUV mask bulk material.


ZEISS ForTune High performance photomask tuning

With its latest optical design ZEISS ForTune takes the two main tuning applications to the next level in terms of efficiency, accuracy and throughput. An ultra-short pulse laser technology allows to change the optical and mechanical properties of the shading elements and thereby to improve wafer intra-field CDU and registration. The optimization of intra-field CDU by mask tuning provides the ability to control the wafer intra-field CDU and improve the wafer On-Product-Overlay (OPO).

ZEISS ForTune comprehensive software suite allows the users to predict the specific process performance reliably and accurately before the actual process execution. Graphical outputs allow comparison of the initial problem with the predicted post process solution, including suitable statistics for the scanner compensation to be used later in HVM.

How does wafer and mask tuning work? Watch the video about ZEISS ForTune technology

Digital Solutions For ForTune and ForTune EUV

A high volumen computational platform enables productivity and reliability enhancement for fast computation. 

FTM - ForTune Tuning Module

The Tuning Module software package has been developed for ZEISS ForTune to facilitate recipe creation as well as extensive data analysis and simulations prior to the ForTune process (CDC & RegC® applications). This module’s versatile job handling capabilities ensure high process efficiency, superior prediction accuracy and on-the-spot decision making.

ZEISS Digital Solutions


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