Software Applications by ZEISS NEW

Digital Products

New software products running on the computational engine FAVOR® are available now: SEM AutoAnalysis SAA and the Advanced Repair Center ARC.  

  • AIMS™ Auto Analysis

    AIMSTM AutoAnalysis (AAA) is a software solution for fast, fully automated analysis of AIMS™ aerial images. It runs independently from tool software on a high performance computational engine called FAVOR®, allowing the AIMS™ tools to be dedicated for measurements only while the analysis runs in parallel.

    AIMSTM AutoAnalysis optimizes processes as it improves productivity, saves operator time and standardizes results.

    Up to 40% back end of line process time per mask can be saved, therewith the software contributes to overall process flow improvement. Operators have more spare time and can focus on more critical work. Variations due to human error are eliminated through automation plus a maximum deviation is always captured.

    Key Benefits

    Direct communication with AIMS™ tool

    • Current workflow remains the same
    • Data transfer and analysis is automatically initiated
    • Analysis runs in parallel to measurement

    Customizable analysis recipes and strategies

    • Large variation of CD, placement, CoG, etc. strategies supported
    • Combination of strategies supports complex features
    • Every slice for every strategy is measured

    Customizable report templates

    • Report templates are fully customizable to show only relevant data
    • Multiple reports can be created for different reporting needs
    • Direct export into pdf, csv and xml format is supported

    Manual interaction possible

    • Easy access to each step of the analysis for each defect
    • Manual changes can be made and resaved into the existing report
    • FAVOR® connects different AIMS™ systems and offline workstations
      FAVOR® connects different AIMS™ systems and offline workstations
  • SEM AutoAnalysis

    SAA (SEM AutoAnalysis) extends the AIMSTM AutoAnalysis solution available for the back end of line of mask manufacturing. With its production proof concept it brings automation to the evaluation of SEM based images resulting in increased reliability, less variability and finally a reduction of turnaround time. Moreover, mask makers can harness more information from already existing SEM data. This adds more credibility to the defect-qualifying step.  

    Workflow steps

    Workflow steps of SAA include contour extraction in order to handle SEM images:

    Key features and benefits

    The software supports common image file formats such as .tiff and .jpeg. As it follows the same workflow as AIMSTM AutoAnalysis, a reference image is required to analyze each SEM image. Sophisticated analysis recipes have been adapted along with novel contour extracting algorithms to facilitate DUV, EUV and NIL applications. 

    With a reference image other defect review, pre- and post-repair images can be used for defect disposition that would allow faster decision making.

    By analyzing pre-repair images with SAA, the operators can have extra information vital for each repair step. This further helps to remove false positives giving another way to confirm the defect status. Comparing post-repair images to a reference gives a quantitative outcome of the quality of repair before confirming with AIMSTM

  • Advanced Repair Center

    The Advanced Repair Center ARC is a completely new category of products capable of connecting tools and software products in a smart way. It is a back end of line manufacturing enterprise solution that targets productivity, costs saving and shorter turnaround time through the use of intelligent automation.

    Built on the connectivity provided it facilitates data management and process flow optimization for the entire defect handling process. That significantly reduces the required amount manual interactions and makes processes less prone to human errors resulting in increased reliability.

    Key benefits

    • Standardizes and manages BEOL in real time
    • Guides operators with next step and provides forecast
    • Standardizes data management
    • Gathers all your data in one place
    • Facilitates decision making and repair approach
    • Reduces human error and mask returns

    BEOL Manager

    Real time management of BEOL activity utilizing predictive analytics in order to optimize workflow and asset management.

    Defect Radar

    The Defect Radar allows easy tracking of defects and access to data available from each successive processing or measurement step.