High speed registration and overlay metrology

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    The ZEISS PROVE Compact HS system measures registration and overlay on photomasks with high throughput. Sub-nanometer repeatability and accuracy meet your registration metrology requirements for todays and future nodes.

    ZEISS PROVE Compact HS provides an outstanding imaging quality for all types of photomasks for measurements in reflection and transmission.

    With excellent uptime it is the workhorse in all leading mask shops worldwide.

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    ZEISS PROVE Compact HS

    ZEISS PROVE Compact HS offers the best resolution with 193 nm optics for measurements of small production features at an NA of 0.6. The system enables high speed in-die registration metrology without the need for placing registration marks.

    ZEISS PROVE Compact HS supports all blank types including EUV, NIL and high durability (SiN based) absorber materials with superior measurement performance. Furthermore the tool supports measurements in resist.

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    High Resolution Photomask Registration and Overlay Metrology

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