ZEISS AIMS fab neo New System

Mask Qualification

Preventing defects from printing with state-of-the-art mask inspection

Even least defects in the layout of a single photomask can consign all chips on the exposed wafer resulting in enormous losses. That is why it is crucial to inspect all masks for defects, understand their impact on the photolithography process, and eliminate them before the mask is used in a stepper or scanner. The best way to reliably control quality at this stage is to optically emulate the photolithographic process using the Aerial Image Measurement. The AIMS™ system is the only scanner emulator covering all lithography techniques including Double Patterning, Source Mask Optimization (SMO) and Inverse Lithography.


AIMS 1x-193i

High-end immersion platform for further extension of 193 nm lithography

ZEISS AIMS 1x-193i supports the further extension of 193 nm lithography and meets the challenging requirements of advanced lithography techniques such as Multi-Patterning and Source Mask Optimization.


AIMS 32-193i SE

Defect and repair verification of 193 nm mature products

ZEISS AIMS 32-193 SE is dedicated to 193 nm mature products which require a considerable flexibility for defect verification but facing the challenge of cost effectiveness.


AIMS fab neo

Newly designed for 248 nm defect and repair verification

ZEISS AIMS fab neo focusses on the needs of a mature market where process simplification and cost effective solutions are the main challenges. AIMS™ fab neo provides the capability to perform defect and repair verification for 248 nm masks and ensures hereby the delivery of defect free masks to the wafer fab.



Verification of EUV masks

The EUV mask infrastructure is of key importance for a successful introduction of EUV lithography into volume production. In particular, for the production of defect free masks an actinic review of potential defect sites is required, AIMS™ EUV.