25 Years of AIMS Technology

Happy Birthday

For 25 years the Aerial Image Measurement System AIMS™ from ZEISS is used for defect review, printability analysis andrepair verification. The system precisely qualifies photomasks according to its printing behavior.

Starting point

ZEISS AIMS was introduced in 1993. Today the systems are an integral part of the mask manufacturing process andguarantee the delivery of defect free masks to wafer fabs. Today the AIMS™ technology covers various nodes with different wavelengths.


  • 1993: Arial Image Measurement Algorithm developed
  • 1994: first 365/248 nm ZEISS AIMS introduced to market
  • 1999: first 193 nm ZEISS AIMS delivered to the industry
  • 2006: first 193 nm immersion AIMS™ introduced to the market
  • 2017: first ZEISS AIMS EUV delivered to the customer

AIMS™ History

AIMS contact holes


IBM develops Aerial Image Measurement Software


Market launch of MSM 100 by ZEISS (365/248 nm wavelength)

MSM 193


Market launch of the MSM 193 (193 nm wavelength)


First fab tool – AIMS™ fab (248 nm wavelength)


First fab tool with automatic handling system – AIMS™ fab plus

AIMS™ 45-193i


AIMS™ 45-193i introduced

AIMS™ 32-193i


AIMS™ 32-193i launched

AIMS™ 1x-193i


AIMS™ 1x-193i (193 nm)



AIMS™ EUV (13.5 nm)

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