The moment you receive reliable analysis results, just seconds after image acquisition.

AIMS™ AutoAnalysis by ZEISS.

AIMS AutoAnalysis Software

Fully automated analysis of aerial images

  • Overview
    Aerial Image

    AutoAnalysis is a software solution for fast, fully automated analysis of AIMS™ aerial images. It runs independently from tool software on a high performance computational engine called FAVOR®, allowing the AIMS™ tools to be dedicated for measurements only while the analysis runs in parallel.


    AutoAnalysis optimizes your process, as ...

    ... it improves productivity
    ■ Saves up to 40% back end of line process time per mask
    ■ Contributes to overall process flow improvement

    ... it saves operator time
    ■ Operators can focus on more critical work


    ... it standardizes results
    ■ Variations due to human error are eliminated
    ■ Maximum deviation is always captured


  • Benefits
    Customizable analysis recipes

    No other analysing software is able to compute such a variety of options.

    AutoAnalysis Software Solution provides a huge range of benefits.


    Direct communication with AIMS™ tool

    ■ Current workflow remains the same

    ■ Data transfer and analysis is automatically initiated

    ■ Analysis runs in parallel to measurement


    Customizable analysis recipes and strategies

    ■ Large variation of CD, placement, CoG, etc. strategies supported

    ■ Combination of strategies supports complex features

    ■ Every slice for every strategy is measured


    Customizable report templates

    ■ Report templates are fully customizable to show only relevant data

    ■ Multiple reports can be created for different reporting needs

    ■ Direct export into pdf, csv and xml format is supported


    Manual interaction possible

    ■ Easy access to each step of the analysis for each defect

    ■ Manual changes can be made and resaved into the existing report



  • Brochure

    Learn more about AutoAnalysis.


    Please feel free to download the information flyer about AIMS™ AutoAnalysis as well as the FAVOR® computational engine.

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