AIMS 1x-193i

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    ZEISS AIMS 1x-193i is a unique photomask qualification system used in mask shops for defect review, printability analysis and repair verification for all types of high-end photomasks. It enables the user to qualify the optical performance of a mask under scanner equivalent illumination conditions.


    The ZEISS AIMS 1x-193i works with 193nm illumination and benefits from a completely redesigned optical system. By utilizing FlexIllu® it provides the highest level of illumination flexibility as it is able to read the scanner files for illumination. FlexIllu® sets the scanner illumination settings computer controlled.


    Thanks to the advances in the optical design as well as major improvements in the software the ZEISS AIMS 1x-193i achieves significantly reduced turnaround-times. The enhanced pupil uniformity realizes best scanner and tool-to-tool matching. 


    Another highlight is a significantly improved CD repeatability enabling more accurate defect qualification that stays ahead of the requirements of the ITRS roadmap as we move to smaller feature sizes.


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    ZEISS AIMS 1x-193i

    Unique Mask Qualification supporting the extension of 193 nm lithography

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