Mask Tuning

Solutions to measure and improve CD Uniformity and optimize mask registration

Some of the key parameters needed to ensure the functionality of any integrated circuit are registration control and critical dimension uniformity (CDU). Tuning tools enable registration and overlay improvement using the RegC process, and improvement of the CDU & expanding the lithographic process window using the CDC process. RegC enables registration and overlay improvement on patterned masks after writing and pellicilization. Registration control by RegC can be done by correcting each individual mask registration towards its intended ideal values – or by correcting pairs of masks to gain mask-to-mask overlay. The RegC process by ZEISS is available for DUV masks as well as for the next generation EUV industry.

Wafer overlay/registration control is achieved by acting on the photomask in an ultra-short process. Each laser pulse introduces a well-controlled micro-strain element, which predictably affects and corrects wafer intra-field overlay and/or mask registration. The CDC process provides a unique solution for expanding the litho process window and improving the CDU for DUV masks. With the ZEISS CDC process, mask manufacturers can significantly affect the CDU, and impact on hot spots and the electrical process window on masks by carefully changing the local transmission of the mask using an ultra-short laser. 



High performance Mask Tuning system for EUV technology

ZEISS ForTune EUV is a novel state of the art Mask Tuning system for EUV technology using femtosecond laser technology. EUV technology brings new challenges with respect to mask registration and especially intra-field Mixed & Matched Overlay between DUV and EUV layers. 

About ZEISS ForTune EUV


High performance Wafer and Mask Tuning system

ZEISS ForTune is the next generation of the well established ZEISS CDC and RegC equipment. This cutting edge system, with its latest optical design takes these two main tuning processes to the next level in terms of efficiency, accuracy and throughput.

About ZEISS ForTune