Advanced critical dimension control

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    The ZEISS CDC system improves Critical Dimension Uniformity (CDU) across photomasks with high repeatability and precision. This optimizes intra-field wafer CD uniformity in the lithographic processes and guarantees highest yield for all relevant technology nodes.


    The ZEISS CDC improves the yield by bringing masks back into CD Uniformity specifications. It enables to leverage existing installed mask manufacturing equipment for future nodes. CDC32 processed masks are proven to significantly enhance wafer yield and improve product binning when one or more critical layers are processed.

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    ZEISS CDC32 can be used with all existing or upcoming optical mask types and technologies such as binary masks and PSMs as well as inverse lithography, SMO and OMOG masks including double patterning.


    The system allows to process masks in mask shop as well as in a wafer fab mask room, with or without pellicle.

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    Learn more about CDC technology

    Watch the ZEISS CDC video to learn more about the concept of the CDC tool, how the laser works and what the benefits are.

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    Advanced Critical Dimension Control

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