Prevent excursions and improve yield

with ZEISS ForTune

Wafer Fabs highly depend on predictability and credibility. Achieving high yields is essential to convince their customers of the capability of the fab. Any process excursion that reduces the yield significantly is catastrophic and undermines the trust of the customer into the fab’s capability and reliability. ZEISS offers an innovative solution preventing excursion.

High performance wafer and mask tuning system

ForTune has been designed and built as the next generation system of the well established CDC and RegC® equipment. Many years of field experience have positioned the ForTune as a state-of-the-art technology with advanced system and optics design, allowing high process efficiency and accuracy as well as significantly improved throughput.

Scientific Papers

on the benefit of excursion prevention


With its latest optical design ForTune takes the two main tuning processes to the next level in terms of efficiency, accuracy and throughput. Applying an ultra-short pulse laser technology allows to locally change the mask transmission and thereby to improve intra-field CDU as well as mask registration. The optimization of intra-field CDU by mask tuning provides more patterning margin and thus reduces the failure probability dramatically. The yield loss can be reduced close to zero.

ZEISS ForTune comprehensive software suite allows the users to predict the specific process performance reliably and accurately before the actual process execution. Graphical outputs allow comparison of the initial problem with the predicted post process solution, including suitable statistics for the scanner compensation to be used later in HVM.

Digital Products

Running on the computational engine FAVOR®

The FAVOR® platform enables productivity and reliability enhancement through intelligent automation. ZEISS offers several automation applications running on the FAVOR® platform.

FTM - ForTune Tuning Module

The Tuning Module software package has been developed for ZEISS ForTune to facilitate recipe creation as well as extensive data analysis and simulations prior to the ForTune process (CDC & RegC® applications). This module’s versatile job handling capabilities ensure high process efficiency, superior prediction accuracy and on-the-spot decision making. The Tuning Module runs on ZEISS FAVOR, a powerful computation engine capable and efficient to perfectly support the processing of the advanced algorithms.


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