High performance Wafer and Mask Tuning system

  • Highlights

    ZEISS ForTune is the next generation of the well established CDC and RegC® equipment. This cutting edge system, with its latest optical design takes these two main tuning processes to the next level in terms of efficiency, accuracy and throughput.

  • Key Applications
    • Enhancing Intra-field On Product Overlay (OPO)
    • Improving CDU & hot/cold spot populations to expand the Lithographic Process Window
    • Correction of mask Image Placement Errors
  • Benefits

    Improvement of intra-field fingerprint

    • Allows the user to achieve tight overlay requirements for advanced patterning
    • Can extend usability of a scanner
    • Shortens ramp-up phase and saves layer optimization repeats (APC)
    • No need to rewrite a mask with Image Placement Errors i.e. ForTune® can assure uninterrupted process flow
    • No pellicle dismantle
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    ZEISS ForTune

    Next Generation Wafer and Mask Tuning System

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