In-die photomask registration and overlay metrology with PROVE® using 2D correlation methods

Authors: D. Seidel, M. Arnz, D. Beyer

Published: Bacus 2011

Closed Loop Registration Control (RegC®) using PROVE® as the Data Source for the RegC® Process

Authors: E. Graitzer, A. Cohen, V. Dmitriev, I. Balla, D. Avizemer, D. Beyer, K. Boehm, W. Degel

Published: PMJ 2012

Pattern Placement Metrology Using PROVETM High Precision Optics combined with Advanced Correction Algorithms

Authors: M. Laengle, N. Rosenkranz, D. Seidel, D. Beyer

Published: SPIE Optical Metrology 2011



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