ZEISS Process Control Solutions
Accelerating new processes for next-generation devices. ZEISS Process Control Solutions

Process Control Solutions

As the complexity and variety of semiconductor technologies continues to increase so do the challenges for process control technologies. Modern manufacturing techniques are increasingly incorporating novel materials and more complex 3D structures to meet rapidly evolving market demands. Resulting new processes are driving the need for new process control methods.

Based on a broad technology portfolio, ZEISS offers innovative process control solutions that deliver actionable information for cutting edge logic and memory manufacturing. ZEISS’s ongoing development of these technologies is key to meeting the semiconductor industry’s challenges for next-generation devices.


Crossbeam FIB-SEM

The ZEISS Crossbeam family combines the powerful imaging and analytical performance of a field emission scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM) column with the superior processing ability of a next-generation focused ion beam (FIB) well suited for 3D tomography of 3D NAND and DRAM chips. A powerful software suite supports the 3D analysis by generating actionable information. 

ORION Nanofab Multi-ion FIB Tool

Seamlessly switch between gallium, neon and helium ion beams in a single tool for combined highest precision and speed with ORION Nanofab. This unique multi-ion beam platform enables next generation technology developments with 3D analysis, rapid device/circuit prototyping and sub-10 nm node characterization capabilities.  

MultiSEM Multi-beam SEM

Unleash acquisition speed of up to 91 parallel electron beams with MultiSEM. Image sample areas in centimeter-scale at nanometer resolution. This multi-beam scanning electron microscope is designed for continuous, reliable operation.