Crossbeam FIB-SEM

Highest resolution, highest throughput 3D tomography

Crossbeam FIB-SEM

Crossbeam FIB-SEM combines imaging, milling and analytical performance for nanoscale 3D tomography and sample preparation inside the tool. It provides the highest resolution and throughput for validating leading edge semiconductor memory manufacturing processes with 3D tomography.

Crossbeam is ideal for cross-sectioning, FIB-SEM tomography, and 3D analytics. The modular platform concept and the powerful reconstruction and analytics software of this 3D nano-workstation enables high-throughput process control, structural inspection and failure analysis.

Highlights of Crossbeam FIB-SEM

Address complex process challenges with high resolution 3D

Crossbeam offers best-in-class slicing acuity for maximum voxel resolution. High resolution 3D analysis provides valuable insights for metrology, defect detection and yield enhancement of 3D memory chip manufacturing. Fully automated acquisition of volumes and extremely large fields of view are designed to increase your productivity and the accuracy of your results.

  • Measure the full 3D profiles and evaluate structural properties to generate a massive statistical data basis for decision making
  • Inspect high aspect ratio structures from any direction with highest voxel resolution and identify the origin of 3D defects

Master multi-scale challenges with a powerful hardware and software package

  • Expand the capacity of your Crossbeam with Atlas 5, our market-leading package for fast, precise tomography
  • Speed up the acquisition by sampling only relevant volumes to get the required amount of actionable information in shorter time
  • Get more information in less time with large mosaic tiling and simultaneous multi-channel acquisition


  • FinFET 3D Imaging

    FinFET imaged in 3D by Crossbeam FIB-SEM

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  • NAND Flash Imaging

    Advanced NAND Flash imaged in 3D by Crossbeam FIB-SEM

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  • Milling & Imaging

    Simultaneous Milling and Imaging by Crossbeam FIB-SEM

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ZEISS Atlas 5 – Your Intuitive Platform for 3D Workflows

Intuitive Platform for 3D Workflows

Intelligent algorithms for efficient and automated acquisition

  • Work with freeform exact region of interest and scan only designated areas. Get reproducible results with configurable imaging protocols that are flexible to work across samples 
  • Reduce training and enable unsupervised runs with the help of robust auto-focus and auto-stigmation 
  • Synergistic workflows across instruments: the platform supports multiple sessions on multiple instruments  

Large mosaic tiling to get more information in less time

  • The platform combines a 16 bit scan generator and dual super-sampling signal acquisition hardware with image processing and control software
  • Acquire single frames with up to 32 k x 32 k pixels on SEMs and up to 50 k x 40 k on FIB-SEMs
  • Acquire two detector signals simultaneously with 10-bit intensity  

Sample centric correlative environment for integrated workflows across technologies

  • Find buried structures using X-ray microscopy and import 3D volume data to FIB-SEM
  • Navigate efficiently – move to regions of interest with a single mouse click
  • Cut with confidence – plan FIB milling using virtual cross-sections of X-ray data

Benefit from ZEISS Atlas 5 Models

3D Tomography

3D FIB-SEM acquisition with patented slice thickness measurement and active control. Save time with automated sample preparation, exact region of interest (xROI) volume imaging, advanced sample tracking, predictive drift correction and auto-tuning. Integrated data viewer with post-processing workflow: stack alignment, volume cropping, and image stack export.


3D Analytics

Add 3D EDS mapping to high resolution FIB-SEM tomography acquisition. Conditions for EDS analytics and high-resolution imaging can be optimized independently; including landing energy, dwell time, and spatial resolution in all three dimensions. The system switches automatically between analytical and imaging conditions during acquisition. Flexible visualization allows simultaneous views of SEM images and processed elemental maps.


Crossbeam Downloads

  • Crossbeam FIB-SEM product flyer
  • Crossbeam Family – Your FIB-SEM for High Throughput 3D Analysis and Sample Prep brochure
  • Crossbeam 550 High Throughput Imaging brochure
  • Application Note: X2 STEM Lamella Preparation from Multicomposite Organic Electronic Devices with ZEISS FIB-SEMs
  • Technical Note: ZEISS Focused Ion Beam Column

Atlas 5 Downloads

  • ZEISS Atlas 5 – Master Your Multi-scale Challenge brochure