Multi-Ion FIB Tool - Accelerate next- generation device development

  • Overview

    ORION NanoFab

    This unique multi-ion beam platform enables next-generation technology development with 3D analysis, rapid device/circuit prototyping and sub-10 nm node characterization capabilities. Seamlessly switch between gallium, neon and helium ion beams in a single tool for combined highest precision and speed. 

  • Highlights


    Sub-nm resolution and voltage contrast imaging

    ORION NanoFab generates high resolution (0.5nm) and passive voltage contrast images of your sample in the same instrument used for fabrication. Perform defect localization and FIB registration for subsequent characterization and analysis.

    Rapid device/circuit prototyping

    Use maskless nano-fabrication to implement circuit design changes and validate prototypes without going through a mask change. Directly mill and pattern with ion beam induced deposition/etching. With high precision and superior endpointing, the neon beam extends FIB utility in editing advanced node technologies.  

    Achieve high throughput and precision in a single platform

    Use gallium FIB to remove bulk material. Take advantage of the neon beam for precision nanomachining with speed or use the helium beam to fabricate sub-10 nm structures. Avoid gallium beam-induced electrical device shifts with the neon and helium ion beams.

  • Key Applications

    Key Applications

    Circuit edit of advanced node technologies beyond Ga FIB capabilities

    • Perform sub-50 nm IC modifications without incurring costs of a new mask set
    • Enable access to buried structures for probing with high aspect ratio via milling

    Front-end of line (FEOL) defect localization

    • Identify fault location with ion beam induced passive voltage contrast
    • Investigate buried defects in 3D easily with simultaneous neon FIB milling and imaging

    Emerging device process optimization 

    • Inspect quality of thin films and 2D semiconductors with high surface sensitivity
    • Track critical dimensions through the length of high aspect ratio structurer
    • Facilitate lithography/etch process characterization with superior depth of focus and edge contrast
  • Video & Images

    Videos & Images

    IC Design and Analysis

    IC Design and Analysis

    Backside access to device structures for circuit edit and electrical characterization

    IC Design and Analysis

    Helium ion beam induced deposition of 10 nm wide metal lines

    IC Design and Analysis

    Ultra-high resolution cross section imaging of flash memory cell

    IC Design and Analysis

    Buried copper lines exposed with Neon ion beam

    12 nm lines etched in TaN absorber layer

    High precision helium ion beam induced etching with XeF2

    Block Co-polymer Thin Film

    High resolution imaging of non-coated polymers
    Courtesy of: Eric Flaim, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2V4

    Via chain failure localization and root cause investigation

    Failure localization with passive voltage contrast

    Via Change Failure Localization and Root Cause Investigation

    Failure root cause investigation with 3D imaging

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    Defect Review of DRAM Tungsten Plugs

    Milling and imaging with neon focused ion beam

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    3D structural analysis of FINs

    Nanotomography with Ga and He focused ion beams

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