High-resolution 3D X-ray Imaging

Submicron- and Nanoscale-resolution 3D X-ray Solutions for Advanced Semiconductor Packaging

ZEISS 3D X-ray Imaging

Submicron & Nanoscale 3D X-ray Solutions for Advanced Packaging

ZEISS brings decades of semiconductor equipment experience to the semiconductor process control market and has recently broadened its product portfolio with the launch of its new high-resolution 3D X-ray imaging solutions. These new solutions are designed to provide the ultimate in submicron and nanoscale 3D images of features and defects buried within intact structures in advanced package 3D architectures. They include enhanced submicron and nanoscale 3D X-ray microscopes (XRM) as well as a new microCT system – helping enable packaging product development, process optimization and failure analysis for advanced semiconductor packages.

Xradia Versa 3D X-ray Microscopes

The new ZEISS Xradia 600-series Versa is the next-generation 3D X-ray microscope (XRM), extending the boundaries of the industry-leading 500-series Versa for the acquisition of submicron-resolution 3D images. 600-series Versa provides up to 2x faster data acquisition maintaining resolution across the full kV and power range, faster source activation, improved spatial resolution, enhanced contrast-to-noise ratio and longer source lifetime with lower cost-of-ownership. 600-series Versa excels in structural and failure analysis for process development, yield improvement and construction analysis.



Xradia Versa RepScan Measurement

The new ZEISS Xradia 620 Versa RepScan is a submicron-resolution, 3D non-destructive imaging solution for inspection and measurement that accelerates time to market for advanced IC packages. Utilizing 3D X-ray microscopy (XRM) with ZEISS’s revolutionary Resolution at a Distance (RaaD™) technology and sophisticated analytical software, the 620 Versa RepScan provides rich volumetric and linear measurements of buried features in the most advanced packages that cannot be acheived with existing methods, such as physical cross section, 2D X-ray and microCT. The result is higher-accuracy engineering data that can be used to reduce development and yield learning cycles of advanced packages.



Xradia Context microCT 3D X-ray System

ZEISS Xradia Context is an easy-to-use 3D micro-computed tomographic (microCT) X-ray system for analysis of all types of electronic products. A high-density detector enables high resolution of fine details even with relatively large imaging volumes. The system features a large field of view, rapid sample mounting and alignment, a streamlined acquisition workflow and fast exposure and data reconstruction times. Context microCT is the ideal entryway into the ZEISS X-ray ecosystem, with guaranteed data quality based on the proven Xradia Versa platform, and the flexibility to be converted to a Versa X-ray microscope.


Xradia 800 Ultra 3D X-ray Microscopes

ZEISS Xradia 800 Ultra 3D X-ray microscopes (XRM) achieve nanoscale resolution with unparalleled performance for 3D imaging of advanced packaging structures and defects, aiding package development and failure analysis. The industry’s only 3D X-ray microscope designed with unique X-ray optics adapted from synchrotron technology, 800 Ultra produces images of buried features with resolution down to 50 nm. Applications include process analysis, construction analysis and defect analysis of ultra-fine-pitch flip chip and wafer-level interconnects, including redistribution layers, die-level back-end-of-line (BEOL) interconnects, direct hybrid bonds, and ultra-fine-pitch Cu-pillar microbumps.