Versa 3D X-ray Microscopes

for Non-destructive High-resolution Imaging ... Now Up to 2x Faster


The new ZEISS Xradia 600-series Versa is the next generation of 3D X-ray microscopy (XRM), extending the boundaries of the industry-leading Xradia 520 Versa for non-destructive failure analysis and product verification for semiconductor packages with buried features, such as 2.5/3D and fan-out.

600-series Vera provides up to 2x faster data acquisition, maintaining submicron resolution across the full kV and power range. With faster source activation, 500 nm spatial resolution, enhanced contrast-to-noise ratio and longer source lifetime, the 600-series Versa excels in structural and failure analysis for process development, yield improvement and construction analysis.

Highlights of Xradia Versa

High-resolution 3D X-ray images increase FA success rates

Versa is a state-of-the-art 3D X-ray microscope offering highest resolution and contrast. It produces high-resolution tomography of fully intact packages, PCBs and wafers, enabling 3D visualization and defect detection not possible with traditional FA methods.

  • View high-resolution cross-section images and tomography of fault locations without cutting the sample 
  • Image defects from any orientation, in their native state, using interactive virtual cross sections
  • Gain a more accurate understanding of defect quantity and distributions through volume analysis
  • Increase success rates of destructive cross sections by more precisely localizing defects
Non-destructive imaging of C4 bump solder cracks

Non-destructive imaging of C4 bump solder cracks

Get results quickly

The Versa XRM produces high resolution 3D data with throughput comparable to physical cross sections. Fully intact packages may be imaged at high resolution regardless of sample size. Easily optimize the best combination of resolution and throughput with a user-friendly interface and the High Aspect Ratio Tomography (HART) imaging mode that can image acquisition speeds by 2x. 

A 2 µm trace crack is visible in a 3.5” x 8” circuit board. Data can be acquired in less than two hours by optimizing parameters for desired resolution, signal to noise ratio, and throughput.

Image fully intact packages and wafers at high resolution

Analysis options are expanded because XRM is non-destructive, even when imaging larger samples at high resolution. The same sample may be imaged and tracked through each reliability test cycle, and, at any point in time after imaging, unlimited virtual cross-sections of a defect may be viewed from any angle.

Non-wet solder bumps with <2 µm gaps are clearly resolved at high resolution

Non-wet solder bumps with <2 µm gaps are clearly resolved at high resolution

Packaging interconnects may be analyzed in a fully intact smartphone

Packaging interconnects may be analyzed in a fully intact smartphone

Understand defects throughout an entire volume 

Versa XRM 3D tomographic imaging aids defect localization and understanding through enabling interactive virtual cross-sections of 3D volumes. Plan-view and cross-sectional images may be viewed with accurate isolation of the desired plane, in any direction. The ability to view multiple planes enables more accurate localization and visualization of faults.

Virtual plan-view and cross-section images at exactly the plane of interest

Virtual plan-view and cross-section images at exactly the plane of interest

Key Applications for Semiconductors

Failure analysis and defect localization

  • Image fully intact packages at high resolution – locate and visualize defects smaller than 1 µm, non-destructively
  • View buried structures and defects at exact planes of interest – from any angle
  • Visualize defect orientation and use this information to guide PFA – reduce occurrences of “no visual defect”  found  

Process development and improvement

  • Evaluate thermocompression bonding (TCB) thickness in 2.5D and 3D packages
  • Locate non-conductive film (NCF) voids in solder mask trenches of advanced stacked die packages
  • Image changes in flip chip bumps and microbumps subjected to successive reliability cycles

Dimension, surface and volume measurement

  • Measure dimensions of microbumps and through silicon vias (TSV) in 3D, non-destructively
  • Quantify the void percent of bump volume
  • Understand the distribution of voids at critical interfaces


High Resolution in Large Samples with Xradia Versa

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Interactive Virtual Cross-sections with Xradia Versa

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Your Insight Into the Technology Behind Xradia Versa

ZEISS Versa X-ray microscopes blend a unique combination of optical and geometric magnification and a high pixel CCD detector to achieve tomography and high resolution, high magnification images even for large, fully intact samples. The optical path includes customized scintillators matched to each objective lens, resulting in high absorption contrast and sensitivity. High resolution and high contrast imaging is taken to a level not attainable by microCT X-ray technology, which relies on single-stage geometric magnification and flat panel detectors. 

Highest resolution in non-destructive 3D X-ray imaging and tomography

  • Spatial resolution <500 nm confirmed in production and on site for every system
  • 40 nm minimum voxel
  • Resolution at a Distance (RaaD) using two-stage magnification delivers large, flexible working distances while maintaining submicron resolution
  • Resolve defects within intact samples spanning a range from <1 mm to 300 mm

Advanced contrast for imaging challenging samples

  • Optimized detector technology maximizes collection of low energy X-ray photons that are critical to forming contrast in numerous material types
  • High-contrast images are enabled by coupling unique X-ray scintillator optics with a high-resolution, high-sensitivity CCD detector. X-ray spectra can be tuned to optimize contrast and minimize beam hardening artifacts. Penetration through dense materials is achieved with higher energies up to 160 kV.

High-Aspect Ratio Tomography (HART)

The HART mode on Xradia Versa provides higher throughput imaging for samples such as semiconductor packages, wafers and boards. HART enables spacing of variable projections so that fewer projections are collected along the broad side of a sample and more along the thin side. A significant amount of 3D data is provided by these closely-spaced long views versus less densely-spaced short views. HART can be tuned to emphasize better image quality or higher throughput, with potential to accelerate image acquisition speed by 2x.

Wide Field Mode and Vertical Stitching

Wide Field Mode (WFM) enables either an extended lateral field of view for imaging large samples, or higher resolution using the standard field of view. The extended field is nearly 2x wider than mode for larger field of view at resolution. Resulting 3D volumes are more than 3x larger. Combining WFM with the existing Vertical Stitching feature enables imaging of large samples that are both wider and taller than the standard field of view accommodates.

Optional Autoloader

Maximize efficiency and minimize user intervention with the optional ZEISS Autoloader. Increase productivity by loading and running up to 14 samples overnight. The software provides flexibility to re-order, cancel or stop the queue to insert a high priority sample. An e-mail notification feature in the user interface provides timely updates on queue progress.

Optional Versa Wafer Imager

Imaging of full wafers is aided by a vacuum holder accommodating wafers up to 300 mm. Any region of interest may be imaged by manually adjusting rotation and translation controls.

Optional Flat Panel Extension (FPX)

ZEISS FPX™ enables unmatched versatility in a single X-ray system. Image significantly larger samples (beyond 5” diameter) and greater volumes (10x increase) with high throughput (better by 2-5x). Get to results faster by performing rapid macroscopic scouting scans and then zooming in to regions of interest at high resolution. 


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