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Control your process. ZEISS iTrap
innovationMADE BY ZEISS

ZEISS Process Gas Analyzer

Real time process control for various applications

  • Overview

    Is your etch chamber sometimes a black box for you?

    Then the iTrap® can support you reliably in detecting even the smallest traces and enabling a comprehensive monitoring of all chemical constituents. The compact, highly sensitive ion trap Fourier Transform mass spectrometer is an ideal tool for inline process control, contamination measurement, R&D and operations.

    The data is measured in real time. With detection limits down to the 1E-15 mbar range or below, every contamination is detectable. The excellent performance surpasses typical Quadrupole-RGAs by far.

  • Benefits
    Outgassing of hydrocarbon contaminations of teflon parts

    Outgassing of hydrocarbon contaminations of teflon parts

    ZEISS iTrap convinces through: 

    Speed | Real time measurements possible, full spectrum in ~ 1 sec

    Sensitivity | Trace gas contamination measurement possible, sub ppb concentration in < 1 sec

    Compactness | High quality in line measurements possible, can be integrated in (or attached to) a process chamber

    Sensor Robustness | No fragile Detectors, no degradation, Inert surfaces

    Ease of Use | Watch the ZEISS iTrap Videos to better understand the technology behind and the ease of process integration of ZEISS iTrap.




  • Applications

    ZEISS iTrap can be used for a wide range of applications such as:

    • Semiconductor processes (deposition, etching, implantation, …)
    • Monitoring of outgassing
    • Monitoring of cleaning processes
  • Brochure

    ZEISS iTrap

    Real time process control for semiconductor processes

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  • Video

    How ZEISS iTrap works

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    How to install ZEISS iTrap

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    Learn more about the ZEISS iTrap technology

    Watch the ZEISS iTrap videos to learn more about the
    working principle and the integration into your production workflow.

    Click full screen icon to catch all details.

  • Contact

    If you are interested in this technology, please do not hesitate to contact:

    Martin Antoni

    +49 7364 204629

    martin .antoni @zeiss .com

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