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Semiconductor Manufacturing Optics (partially products are not sold in Germany)

Lithography is one of the key processes in the fabrication of microchips. Thanks to ZEISS lithography optics chip fabs around the globe can expose their wafers with nanometer precision – laying the foundation for the production of extremely powerful microchips.

Lithography optics make a decisive contribution to this: the quality and form of the illumination system and the resolving power of the projection optics play a part in determining how small the structures on a microchip can be. The ZEISS product offering includes not only lithography optics, but also mirror blocks. These components are used to hold and exactly position the wafer during the exposure process in the wafer scanner.

The ZEISS Semiconductor Manufacturing Optics portfolio is supplemented with various other optical modules that are also used in the field of semiconductor production.

Lithography at 13.5 nanometers (EUV)

Lithography with extreme ultraviolet light (EUV light) with a wavelength of 13.5 nanometers is making the next technological advance in the field of nanoelectronics possible.

Lithography at 193 nanometers (ArF)

Lithography optics for the wavelength 193 nanometers – with and without immersion – are used worldwide. The light is generated by an excimer laser with argon fluoride (ArF).

Lithography at 248 nanometers (KrF)

Another group of lithography optics includes the 248-nanometer optics using light which is generated by an excimer laser with krypton fluoride (KrF).

Lithography at 365 nanometers (i line)

The semiconductor technology division likewise offers lithography optics for the 365-nanometer wavelength.

OEM Optics Systems

ZEISS develops and produces optical components and modules for internationally leading OEM specialists in the semiconductor industry.

Synchrotron Optics

Various research institutes scattered around the world work with synchrotron optics which are precisely tailored to the customers' needs.


Research and innovation: The on-going development of our high-tech products is essential to us. Here you can read publications and seminal research papers on semiconductor manufacturing optics.