Lithography at 248 nanometers (KrF) – Product is not sold in Germany

These lithography optics systems are based on the use of deep ultraviolet light (DUV) with a wavelength of 248 nanometers. The light wavelength is generated by an excimer laser with krypton fluoride (KrF).

Starlith® 860

The ZEISS Starlith 860 lithography optics system is one of the best-selling optics systems made by the Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology business group at ZEISS. With an exposure wavelength of 248 nanometers it facilitates resolutions between 110 and 90 nanometers today.

Starlith® 1000

The ZEISS Starlith 1000 is likewise a volume product. It works at a wavelength of 248 nanometers and achieves resolution of down to 80 nanometers.