Lithography at 13.5 nanometers (EUV) – Product is not sold in Germany

The future has become reality today: Using innovative EUV lithography with extreme ultraviolet light, structures measuring less than 20 nanometers can be generated in a wafer for the first time. The ZEISS Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology segment utilizes all of its technological expertise and skills to achieve this lead in cutting-edge technology.

The biggest challenge is the fact that EUV light, with a wavelength of 13.5 nanometers, is rapidly absorbed by all known materials, even by air itself. This makes it necessary to develop a completely new concept for lithography optics.

For ZEISS, EUV is the key to the nanotechnology of tomorrow.

Starlith® EUV Optics

The Starlith® EUV Optics System by ZEISS is the first EUV-powered lithography optics system in the world to go into mass production. With this we have taken the first step into the future of lithography.

The Future of Lithography Optics

We are driven by technological progress and the desire to keep the leading edge over our competitors: thus we are continuously further developing and optimizing our lithography optics. Our goal is always to be at the apex of progress.