The Future of Lithography Optics

Have you ever asked yourself what you would do without your mobile phone? Without your computer? Or even without your car? All these technical products and many more function only with the assistance of lithography optics.

To us it is thus perfectly clear: Without the technology in the field of lithography and other branches of development, the world as we know it today would be very different. Whether EUV lithography or the continuous optimization of our proven products, we will meet the challenge of continuously advancing optical lithography.

Investments in new technologies

Our roadmap is drawn for the long term and focuses on the needs of our markets and customers around the globe. Together with our partner ASML we are working on the future of nanoelectronics. You’ll see how we accomplish this – for example when you purchase your next, even more functional smartphone.

And ZEISS is continuing to invest in the future: in 2013 the expansion of the office and production areas of the Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology business group were finished. This expansion will provide additional space and production capacity for new technologies in order to prepare the company for future market requirements.

In 2016, we started another plant expansion with buildings for the production of the next generation of EUV optics.