Synchrotron Optics and X-ray Gratings

Effectively putting competencies to work: ZEISS Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology sgement manufactures synchrotron optics and gratings for research institutes around the globe. These are particularly suited for structure analyses and monochromators. Perfect polishing is a prerequisite for manufacturing mirrors and grating substrates of the highest quality for directing the beam and focusing the synchrotron light.

Synchrotron radiation and ZEISS components make it possible for researchers to discover invaluable information in the fields of physics, biology, and the material sciences. 

Thus, ZEISS helps powering modern research.


Mirrors and Gratings

ZEISS Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology is a reliable partner for the manufacturing of X-ray optics for synchrotrons and Free-Electron-Lasers (FEL) implementing powerful metrology and manufacturing techniques for the latest generation of highest-quality X-ray components for synchrotron radiation and other X-ray applications. Recently, X-ray gratings were added to the product portfolio.  

Form accuracies below 0.1 µrad (RMS) are achieved on strongly deformed aspherical components, surface qualities below 0.05 µrad (RMS) are provided for flat mirrors. ZEISS produces mirrors up to 1,500 mm in length in a wide variety of materials ranging from Zerodur glass ceramic to monocrystalline Silicon.

Read more about mirrors in the digital brochure "Mirrors for Synchrotron Radiation".

Synchrotron radiation

Today, synchrotron radiation is used intensively in technology and science. Various synchrotron radiation laboratories that carry out research using the special properties of light are scattered around the globe.

The growing interest in this type of light source is reflected in the rapidly increasing number of large synchrotron radiation laboratories throughout the world. New generations of synchrotron sources with improved performance (e.g. free-electron lasers [FEL]) open up new opportunities for basic and applied research. A synchrotron is a particular type of cyclical particle accelerator in which the magnetic field (for guiding the particles) and the electrical field (for acceleration) are precisely coordinated with the moving bundle of particles.

Artistic display of a third-generation synchrotron. This image was kindly provided by Synchrotron Soleil  (Copyright © EPSIM 3D/JF Santarelli)