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ZEISS SMT Supplier

Strength in numbers

Suppliers for ZEISS SMT

Suppliers for ZEISS SMT

Sustainable growth together, success together – with supplier management from the ZEISS Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology (SMT) segment. With our supply chain strategy, we design, coordinate and control value creation with our suppliers. The foundation for this is our consistent focus on the demands of our customers in the OEM and end-customer markets.

Supplier Awards Prize

SUCCESS Program: Together we will succeed

Achieving more through close partnership: The SUCCESS program is the basis for in-depth and long-term cooperation between suppliers and ZEISS SMT. Together we benefit from synergies and optimized supply chains in terms of successful supply chain management. The SMT Supplier Award is presented annually as part of the SUCCESS program.

Supply Chain Values: #values4success

Enabling our customers' goals and continuing to be successful together: This is what ZEISS SMT wants to achieve together with its suppliers. In our supplier network, we live by our supply chain values and shape our collaboration based on them.

Supplier Academy logo

Supplier Academy: Working Together Better

Better collaboration thanks to a common understanding: this is what the SMT Supplier Academy makes possible. On our learning platform, we provide our suppliers with information about the company, technical requirements and insights into the semiconductor industry. Our aim is to create a deep mutual understanding and a strong partnership with our suppliers.

The Supplier Academy quickly explained

Supplier Academy: Learning opportunities for our suppliers

Trainings only available in German

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    Raising awareness of corporate responsibility, human rights and sustainability (working conditions, health and safety, environmental protection, ethics and management systems).  

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    8D Methodology (Basic/Advanced)

    The 8D method is a globally recognized and standardized problem-solving method for the sustainable elimination of the causes of defects.

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    8D Basic Training  (Only available in German)

    8D Advanced Training  (please register directly with us via e-mail:



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    REACH for suppliers

    This e-learning gives you a compact and quick overview of the most important points in connection with the EU REACH Regulation. You will learn which roles and obligations exist and how to ensure their fulfillment in cooperation with ZEISS.

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Your contact option for the Supplier Academy

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the Supplier Academy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Note on referencing

We are often contacted by suppliers or partners who want to use our name or logo. Please note that this is only possible for officially recognized supply chain partners of the ZEISS SMT segment. This is explicitly prohibited for all other groups.

Purchasing and Supplier Portal

To make collaboration with our suppliers as simple and efficient as possible, we rely on software-based solutions. In our Supplier Portal PIP (Procurement Interaction Portal)  we cover the complete supply chain from procurement logistics, goods receipt to eSourcing for existing suppliers.

Further helpful information and documents can be found on the ZEISS Purchasing and Supplier Portal.

Virtual event: Suppliers' Day at ZEISS SMT with organizers on stage

Suppliers' Day

The strong supplier network makes a significant contribution to ZEISS SMT's technology leadership. Managed suppliers meet once a year  for Suppliers' Day. The event offers insights into the strategic business units of ZEISS SMT and the opportunity to exchange ideas with top management.