Service & Support

At ZEISS customer care goes beyond warranty. We are committed to sustain your long-term operations with excellent front-line service based on comprehensive and flexible support packages. That‘s what the ZEISS Predict Service Program is all about.

ZEISS Predict Service Program

Support whenever needed

The ZEISS Predict Service Program levers the extensive knowledge that we have gained over many years from our worldwide installed base to help customers improve productivity and reduce costs. Excellent support and cost effective tool performances maximise the return on investment that you rightly expect after the purchase of capital equipment.

With a highly skilled and resourced infrastructure in all major international markets, ZEISS is able to offer solutions that can target ultimate tool performance, high uptime, overall effectiveness, cost of ownership, or indeed all in combination. The ZEISS Predict Service Program helps you to protect your investment in leading tools.

Parts of ZEISS Predict Service Program

Go to ZEISS Predict Service Program to learn more about the service program.

See also the Additional Service Offerings section for further services such as upgrades, spares, refurbishment, relocation or other. Contact a Service Representative for more details regarding the complete ZEISS Predict Service Program.