ZEISS Predict Service Program

We understand very well that our tools sit in your critical path of mask manufacture, often being “one of a kind” systems. For this reason ZEISS has developed concise and beneficial maintenance plans within the ZEISS Predict Service Program framework in order to minimise unplanned events.

Predict | basic

With ZEISS Predict | basic we ensure timely access to spares and support priority along with high tool performance and availability at the lowest cost. Predict | basic covers all required wearing parts and labor hours to perform our proactive annual maintenance program on an annually basis.

Predict | advanced

Choosing ZEISS Predict | advanced enables you to reduce the risk of service costs by covering proactive exchange and extend warranty of components and parts with an guaranteed MTBF and high uptime of ≤ 3 years. Predict | advanced includes our basic package plus it covers all service costs to perform proactive parts exchange of defined parts identified as having lifetimes of up to 3 years (annually plus multi annually PM parts exchange).

Predict | proficient

With ZEISS Predict | proficient we provide a product for our customers owning tools that have been in operation for five years or more. The Predict | proficient concept is a step beyond Predict | basic and can include all labor in addition to so-called “risk” parts that have been identified during any product generation’s time in the field. In this way you benefit from the best balance of tool availability and affordabillity for more mature systems.

Predict | Premium

If you are looking for a fixed cost of ownership and no risk solution along with high uptime, we are pleased to offer you ZEISS Predict | premium. Take complete control of the cost by including labor costs, travel costs and costs for spare parts in your Predict | premium service agreement. We make your service outlay entirely predictable. Your budget is not affected by unforeseen costs: maximum performance and availability are factored into a single superior protection plan. This contract is available for all our systems.

Predict | premium plus

As a holder of a Predict | premium plus you will always benefit from priority treatment. We are providing fastest possible on site engineering response and spare parts delivery. This includes engineers and consignment stock dedicated at your facility and is offered in addition to the ZEISS Predict | premium package.

Full Flexibility by individual Service Programs customized to your needs.