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ZEISS Service using HoloLens

Live and fast remote assistance

As a leader in innovation, ZEISS is using pioneering technologies to enhance service excellence. Augmented reality solutions enable us to care for our customers worldwide fast and effective.

Especially live remote assistance via the Microsoft HoloLens is very beneficial for Mask Shops. Local service engineers can be supported and guided by headquarter specialists in installing new software features or solving tool problems.

Using the Microsoft HoloLens can connect people quickly for collaborative problem solving at full speed. People on site can work side by side with experts on remote locations helping in real-time.

The new technology is cost-effective, accelerates reaction time and allows for having a technology specialist “onside” whenever needed.

Customers clearly benefit from the reduced MTTR and increased product uptime. Of course, the use of augmented reality solutions fully considers customer´s data privacy and data security guidelines.

Finally, applying digital technologies contributes to our sustainability goals and reduces our carbon footprint.

ZEISS Predict Program

Updated customer care program. Both contract types can be combined with consumables coverage, response time man-on-site, 24/7 support and further options. For entire overview please scroll down. If you have special needs or require customization, please contact us. Together we will find a solution matching your processes.

Predict | basic

With ZEISS Predict | basic we ensure timely access to spares and support priority along with high tool performance and availability at the lowest cost. Predict | basic covers all required wearing parts and labor hours to perform our proactive annual maintenance program on an annually basis.

Predict | premium

If you are looking for a fixed cost of ownership and no risk solution along with high uptime, we are pleased to offer you ZEISS Predict | premium. Take complete control of the cost by including labor costs and costs for spare parts in your Predict | premium service agreement. We make your service outlay entirely predictable. Your budget is not affected by unforeseen costs: maximum performance and availability are factored into a single superior protection plan. This contract is available for all our systems.

At a glance

Support whenever needed

The ZEISS Predict Service Program levers the extensive knowledge that we have gained over many years from our worldwide installed base to help customers improve productivity and reduce costs. Excellent support and cost effective tool performances maximise the return on investment that you rightly expect after the purchase of capital equipment.


Predict | basic

Predict | premium

Priority escalation



Priority parts delivery



Matching to original spec



Optimized local parts stock



CIP of hard- and software updates



High uptime, MTBF



PM Parts & PM Labor coverage



All Parts coverage & standard Labor



Majority of parts delivery < 40h



Combinable Options

The following options can be added to the Predict | basic or Predict | premium contract.

Consumables coverage

Covers annually consumable consumption.

Response time agreement

Guaranteed in-time onsite support agreement.


No travel time and quick response due to ZEISS engineers are based at fab.

24/7 Support

Full support around the clock.

Remote Service

ZEISS remote support solutions.

Uptime agreement

Agreement on individual performance KPIs.

Additional Support Offerings

In regards to you requirements you can individually add service offerings. If you would like to find out more, please contact your local Service Representative.

Upgrade Options

Some of our photomask systems are developed to have additional capabilities, often with an upgrade path to maximise their application space and usage in the market. Such options or upgrades can address both technical capability and productivity of our equipment.


For those customers who demand additional peace of mind ZEISS is able to tailor spares packages on all product lines that can be made available and shipped to the field. Customers who enter into the Predict program can benefit from preferential pricing for such packages. Together with our three key spare hubs in Europe, Asia and the US the program operates fast and smooth.


As an integral part of Predict we offer consulting services that can act not only on the tool, but also at the fab level. Using the extensive industry knowledge of our specialists we have the ability to uncover solutions that are not always visible to single organisations. Such can include specific maintenance activities or process optimization for tools.


Refurbishing is ideal for equipment in the field which is used for many years and across many technologies. Combining high skill levels with state of the art testing and support can ensure that every tool conforms to original specifications, meets all relevant safety standards and includes the latest licenced system software.

Find your nearest Sales and Service Center

The ZEISS Sales and Service Center together with our three key spare hubs in Europe (Germany), Asia (Taiwan) and USA (San Francisco), ZEISS Predict provides the highest assurance for seamless manufacturing.

Tokyo | +81 3 3355 0256 | in fo @zeiss .co .jp
Jena | +49 3641 64 2563 | info .sms @zeiss .com
Bundang-gu Seongnam-si | +82 31 711 5961 | in fo @zeiss .co .kr
Hsinchu City | +88 63 577 6316 | info .sms @zeiss .com
Thornwood, NY | +1 855 253 8126 | info .sms @zeiss .com

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