Statement on the current Covid-19 pandemic

JENA/Germany, 25/11/2020

Update: November 25, 2020


Dear customers and partners,


The pandemic situation caused by the coronavirus Covid-19 has led to severe restrictions in both private and business environments in recent months. On November 2, 2020, the so-called partial lockdown became effective in Germany, which again involves restrictions and measures in private and public life. We would like to inform you about the series of measures taken by Carl Zeiss Spectroscopy GmbH during the summer to guarantee the health and safety of all our employees and to ensure business continuity for our customers.


In order to slow the spread of the virus, stricter hygiene measures were introduced at all company locations to provide our employees with the best possible protection. This includes, for example, that internal and external events have been discontinued or are taking place via video conferences. If the operational processes allow it, our colleagues are working from home. In our production areas, specific action has been taken in order to drastically reduce, or even eliminate, contact with others so that operations can continue as usual. This way, we have already managed the first lockdown at the beginning of the year without interruptions, and we are still very well prepared.

A key goal of our efforts is to provide continuous production and supply of our spectrometers and gratings to you. Strictly controlled plans with our production facilities and key suppliers are in place to counteract possible disruptions in the supply chain with immediate measures and to ensure the availability of our products. We are closely monitoring our supply chains, and the distribution is secured.

We are currently in a situation that we can ensure all confirmed deliveries. There are no or only slight delays. We will remain in constant contact with you and report promptly if there are any upcoming changes to this situation. We will do everything to be the reliable partner for you and your business even in these unusually difficult days.
Don’t hesitate to send any questions or comments to the email address info .spectroscopy @zeiss .com or get in touch directly with the person in our team you are usually working with.

All the best for you, your family and all employees in your business.