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Spectrometer Solutions for Agriculture



Every seedling has a physical-chemical fingerprint. NIR spectroscopy obtains this with high precision and without destroying the sample. ZEISS instruments enable to transfer the analytical method from the lab directly to the field.

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Feed and Forage

In feed production, it is essential to ensure a homogeneous and consistent composition of nutrients for the animals. ZEISS measurement systems manage plant production 24/7 to gain maximum yield for the farmers.


Grain Processing

As a natural product, grain is subject to natural fluctuations. Despite this inhomogeneity, the objective is to fulfill and document the requirements defined by the processing industry on the consistent quality of the starting material. To achieve optimal yield, grain must be sorted based on desired parameters, e.g. protein content.  


Animal Rendering

Animal rendering is the most environmentally friendly approach for the conversion of inedible byproducts into valuable raw materials. ZEISS Spectroscopy provides a wide range of solutions for the resource-efficient processing of animal byproducts and hazardous materials.


Ethanol Production

ZEISS Corona extreme provides corn-based ethanol producers the information they need to optimize processes and increase efficiency and profitability.