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Solutions for animal nutrition and biogas production

Biomass and Biofuels

  • Introduction

    High Time for a Solution. The Corona extreme.

    Whether in the loading of a biogas facility or for feeding livestock, it is very important to know about the quality of the raw substrate. This is the only way to optimally load the biogas facility or feed livestock.

    Unfortunately, the raw materials are very heterogeneous, which means that the biogas facility manager and the farmer face real challenges. Due to the weather-related fluctuations in the course of the year and the new varieties of the seed cultivation industry, new qualities are continually emerging in the raw materials grown. Knowing exactly what substances the raw materials contain is essential in order to create mixtures in accordance with the demand. This requires a prompt and fast analysis of the substances contained in the raw materials and the associated quality of the raw substrate.

    This is aimed at determining the appropriate payment for the raw materials, optimizing the loading of the biogas facility, the targeted use of silage additives and the composition of feed mixtures. The regular inspection and monitoring of the raw substrate in the composition of feed for the livestock or the loading of the biogas facility plays a significant role in operational safety and improved gas yield and the optimized use of the raw substrate for the mixed ration to be used as feed.

    Through the Corona extreme, we are offering our customers a total solution comprised of a spectrometer system and intuitive software – tailored to their needs.

    Upon request, we will deliver the appropriate calibration and the corresponding calibration support to identify the substances. We guarantee real user-friendliness, maximum precision and mandatory safety. 

  • Applications

    Animal nutrition

    Application optimization of silage additive dosage
    composition of total mixed ration (TMR)
    Products silage: corn silage, grass silage, whole-plant silage fresh: silo corn, wilted grass, WPS material
    Parameter dry matter (DM content), protein*  (*in progress)
    Results optimized ensilation
    animal health
    optimized meat and milk production

    Biogas production

    Application incoming goods inspection
    Products silage: corn silage, grass silage, whole-plant silage
    fresh: silo corn, wilted grass, WPS material
    Parameter dry matter (DM content), organic dry matter (oDM)*
    Results determination of quality
    optimized loading of biogas facility
    stable gas yield
    process stability and safety
  • Solutions

    The robust solution for process analyses – Corona extreme

    No other spectrometer system from ZEISS incorporates as much application-related experience as the Corona extreme. Corona extreme is perfectly engineered for the tough conditions of the agricultural industry. The spectrometer system is manufactured and designed to measures precisely and reliably even at shock values up to to 50 g and temperatures rangingfrom -15°C to +50°C.

    Corona extreme is also protected against voltage fluctuations and may be easily connected to a vehicle’s on-board power supply. The proven high-energy illumination ensures very short integration times and thus outstanding optical properties that lead to excellent measuring results in the field, in the process and in the lab. Equipped with an embedded controller, Corona  extreme can be directly integrated into process  software and enables direct analysis and output of  quality parameters and spectral data.

    Corona extreme can be optimally deployed for a wide range of agricultural tasks: from harvest to storage and sorting grains up to the measurement of quality parameters of flour, biomasses and feed.

    Corona extreme
  • Calibrations


    Silaged raw substrate
    Silaged raw substrate
    DM parameters (min/ max)
    Standard deviation (SEP)
    Corn silage
    20 – 58 %
    2.0 %
    Grass silage
    20 – 70 %
    2.5 %
    WPS silage
    20 – 55 %
    2.6 %
    Fresh raw substrate
    Fresh raw substrate
    DM parameters (min/ max)
    DM parameters (min/ max)
    Silo corn 20 – 50 %
    2.0 %
    Wilted grass
    20 – 60 %
    3.0 %
    WPS material  – 65 %
    2.5 %

    These calibrations focused on silaged and unsilaged forage have been created and optimized by VDLUFA Qualitätssicherung NIRS GmbH.

    Find out more about VDLUFA Qualitätssicherung NIRS GmbH

  • Download

    Manufacturer's Declaration ZEISS Corona extreme

    ATEX - Manufacturer's Declaration for ZEISS Corona extreme

    pages: 1
    file size: 55 kB


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    The robust ZEISS spectrometer system for the Agricultural Industry

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    file size: 3580 kB


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    Spectrometer systems for process optimization and increase in production efficiency

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    file size: 1519 kB


    ZEISS Spectroscopy for Ethanol Producers

    Spectrometer solutions for the ethanol industry

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    ZEISS Spectroscopy Solutions for the Dairy Industry

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