Feed & Forage

  • Introduction

    Feed production is a complex and costly process. Farmers always strive for greatest feed efficiency at the lowest cost. To maintain an optimum balance between feed costs and productivity, all feed ingredients need to be analysed for nutrient composition.

    The feed products have to match a large variety of nutrient requirements to ensure healthy growth and maximum productivity of the animals. Large feed plants produce many different formulas each day. Their goal: maximizing their production capacity and ensure a homogeneous and consistent composition of nutrients.


  • NIR Technology

    NIR Technology

    An intelligent on-line system

    In highly productive feed mills with rapid production processes, most traditional lab analysis are not efficient enough to keep up with the growing demands of high throughput production. For this reason, the feed industry is one of the greatest user of NIR techniques, creating their own internal labs equipped with lab bench NIR instruments. They run virtually unsupervised by utilizing intelligent software to manage plant production 24/7 for all composition variation and non-conformities.

  • On-line analysis

    On-line analysis with the Corona extreme / InProcess software

    Corona extreme NIR Feed Analyzer allows the user to monitor parameters continuously such as moisture, protein, fats and fat blends, fibre, ash and starch on each production batch. This technology is an easy to use, reliable solution to increase the productivity in the feed mill industry.


    • Easy on-line installation
    • InProcess Software communication utilizing OPC to connect with the PLS plant software
    • Automatic process monitoring and control of disruption in case of emergency for maximum safety  
  • Download

    ZEISS Corona® extreme Service Manual Lamp Change

    pages: 56
    file size: 10339 kB


    ZEISS Corona extreme

    The robust ZEISS spectrometer system for the Agricultural Industry

    pages: 13
    file size: 3580 kB


    ZEISS AURA® handheld NIR

    Flyer for ZEISS AURA® handheld NIR

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