Liquid Farm Fertilizer

  • Introduction

    Environmental concerns have led to new policies forcing the European livestock industry to reduce the amount of nitrogen and phosphate in the water caused by manure applied on farmland. However, manure has become a recognized and valued fertilizer resource: Grain farmers require these substances for their growing crops and manure represents a cheap source of both in contrary to inorganic fertilizers. The aim is to use as little as possible but as much as needed on the land. To determine the right amount farmers have to know the composition of the manure.


  • NIR

    NIR spectroscopy provides a system to monitor continuously the manure composition during the entire pump-out. This gives the grain farmers accurate advice on the total amounts of nitrogen and phosphate applied to their fields. The method is fast, cost effective, accurate and portable directly to the field. As part of precision farming it also provides loading data useful for the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions from manured lands.


  • Corona extreme with InProcess

    Corona extreme with InProcess software is a very robust, reliable and precise spectrometer system to analyse the containments of manure. It allows the user to monitor continuously the relevant parameters to regulate the fertilizer dosage precisely. Equipped with an embedded controller, Corona extreme can be directly integrated into the pumping process. High-energy illumination combined with the rotary sample table TURNSTEP ensures very short integration times and accurate measuring results in field, process and lab.


    • Easy on-line installation
    • InProcess Communication through OPC with the PLS plant software
    • Automatic process disruption in case of emergency for maximum safety
    • Automatic internal referencing depending on environmental conditions
    • Unaffected by temperature fluctuations from -15 to +50 °C
    • Protected against voltage fluctuations
    • Protected against shock and vibrations
    • Long-term stability; does not require frequent external calibration and only needs little maintenance