Precision Farming

  • Introduction

    Quality and productivity of land varies from square meter to square meter. Precision farming considers these fluctuating requirements with distinctive methods. Recording information about the nutrient contents during the harvest in real-time enables the farmer to exactly dose fertilizer. The analysis of fodder plants, such as grass, corn, clover and lucerne, denotes the most important nutrients and components and helps to assure the quality of the follow-on silage process. Data mapping the field and scanning the seed helps to estimate selling prices more precisely. Increasing quality consciousness and the desire for better process control require these new techniques to contribute to consumer protection and a higher value-added farm production.


    Fully computer-controlled harvest with ZEISS instruments

    A new approach is the use of near infrared spectroscopy by implementing the system on mobile harvesting machines. A modern harvester includes high-tech measurement systems to calculate yield. This may include a GPS receiver for defining the current position and a mapping computer and a job computer to gather real time point-of-cropping data on biological material composition and quality.  

  • HarvestLab®

    HarvestLab® developed with John Deere

    ZEISS HarvestLab®, developed in cooperation with John Deere, is a near infrared sensor, which measures the moisture content of the crop continuously while harvesting is in progress. The result is more accurate than the analytical process used up to now – the dry cabinet method.


    • Takes 9,000 samples from a 500 ton silo in comparison to five in traditional processes
    • Analyses crop moisture to an accuracy of ± 2 %
    • Adjusts length of cut automatically for optimum throughput
    • Optimized additive dosage based on dry matter, cut length and throughput to manage best feeding ratios
  • Corona 45 VISNIR


    The spectrometer CORONA 45 VISNIR is used both in the laboratory and on the forage harvester to determine the contents of the crops (such as dry matter, moisture and protein) and to assure the material’s quality. The instrumentation consists of a diode array spectrometer and the TURNSTEP turntable, which rapidly measures large quantities of samples in the laboratory.


    • Fast and reliable data transfer even in rough environments
    • High resolution and sensitivity
    • Extremely short measurement times
    • Low noise and best linearity
    • Only little heat development
    • Protected against voltage fluctuations
    • Protected against shock and vibrations 
    • Long-term stability; does not require frequent external calibration and only needs little maintenance
  • Corona extreme

    Corona extreme with InProcess

    Corona extreme with InProcess software is a very robust, reliable and precise spectrometer system to monitor precisely the high tech farming process. It contributes to higher value-added farm production by indicating continuously the relevant parameters of the harvested chrop. Equipped with an embedded controller, Corona extreme can be directly integrated on the farming machinery. High-energy illumination combined with the rotary sample table TURNSTEP ensures very short integration times and accurate measuring results in field, process and lab.


    • Easy on-line installation
    • InProcess Communication through OPC with the PLS plant software
    • Automatic process disruption in case of emergency for maximum safety
    • Automatic internal referencing depending on environmental conditions 
    • Unaffected by temperature fluctuations from -15 to +50 °C
    • Protected against voltage fluctuations
    • Protected against shock and vibrations 
    • Long-term stability; does not require frequent external calibration and only needs little maintenance
  • Download

    Manufacturer's Declaration ZEISS Corona extreme

    ATEX - Manufacturer's Declaration for ZEISS Corona extreme

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    ZEISS Corona extreme

    The robust ZEISS spectrometer system for the Agricultural Industry

    pages: 13
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    ZEISS Spectroscopy Solutions for the Dairy Industry

    With ZEISS Corona® extreme

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