Solutions from ZEISS

for the tobacco industry

Solutions for the tobacco industry

  • Introduction

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    Tobacco is a plant product, produced from the broad leaves of the genus Nicotiana (tobacco). The quality of tobacco mainly depends on the varieties used and the climatic conditions of the cultivation area, as well as the particular location in which the plant is growing.

    Various types of tobacco (Orient, Virginia, Burley, …) are used in cigarette manufacturing. These varieties come from different cultivation areas (China, Brazil, Zimbabwe and the USA). Therefore, the starting material is non-homogeneous. In order to guarantee consistently good quality, the harmful substances contained in the tobacco are reduced and its aroma is refined.
    Through continuous monitoring, far more information may be gained from the process. If the measurement is carried out in real time and practically with the precision of an analysis lab, the process can be monitored and optimized in a targeted manner. The seamless documentation of the material streams (traceability) also increases product safety.

    We offer our customers two solutions which carry out a fast, safe, exact and reproducible analysis of the substances contained in the tobacco. In these solutions, ease of use and integration into the manufacturing process are paramount.

  • Applications

    Tobacco Analysis in the Lab and In-process


    In today's society, the enjoyment of tobacco is highly controversial and is subject to strict directives and inspections due to the reputation of being harmful to health. In order to comply with these requirements as well as possible, and to quickly recognize, or avoid, any deviations which may occur, a rapid analysis of the raw material is necessary. This begins as early as incoming goods inspection. Only when the quality of the starting material is known can the manufacturing process be adjusted accordingly. However, in cigarette manufacturing also, when it comes to small batches, it is highly advantageous to monitor the process close to production. Analyzing the formula in a matter of seconds enables an instant reaction. This minimizes waste during the production process. Solutions from ZEISS can be very helpful here.

    Application in the lab or close to production, incoming goods inspection or random sampling in small batches
    Products raw tobacco, fine cut, raw tobacco powder
    Parameter humidity, nicotine, sugar, propylene, glycerin, benzoic acid, na benzoate
    Results quality of the raw material


    Cigarette manufacture is subject to strict controls. This is the only way to achieve a high degree of product safety and traceability. In addition to product homogeneity, the substances contained in the raw materials are vital for customer satisfaction. ZEISS products such as the ARMOR system undertake the seamless process monitoring and documentation of these parameters. Continuous, fast and precise analysis in-process in real time is particularly important here. This ensures that information on process stability is available at all times, and enables an instant reaction and re-stabilization of the process in the event of a deviation from the ingredient limits. Through continuous process monitoring, the process can also be optimized and thus time and raw materials can also be saved.

    Application control and optimization of manufacturing process, inspection of formula
    Products raw tobacco, fine cut, raw tobacco powder
    Parameter humidity, nicotine, sugar, propylene, glycerin, benzoic acid, na benzoate
    Results defined product quality and adherence to formula compliance with quality standards increased productivity traceability
  • At-line Solutions

    At-line Analysis of Tobacco – CORONA PLUS

    ZEISS as a Solutions Provider.

    Especially for use close to production, the CORONA PLUS compact system was developed for the analysis of tobacco and its processing stages. It allows all main quality parameters to be inspected during production through random sampling.


    The optical design allows for a compact unit (spectrometer, electronics and optics all in one). Thus, CORONA PLUS 45 NIR takes up only a small amount of space in the lab or close to production. In combination with TURNSTEP, it enables the measurement of large specimen quantities in a lab within a short time, thus leading to a reduction of sampling errors. This makes the measurement of the quality-specified ingredients of inhomogeneous raw materials significantly more exact and forms the prerequisite for the consistent quality determination of the sample material. For sample presentation, the TURNSTEP is perfectly suited for use with the CORONA PLUS 45 NIR, and the two may be connected very quickly and easily.

    The system is characterized by convenient operation (1-button) and short measuring times (15 s) with a high degree of measuring accuracy. This means that a labor-intensive sample preparation is not necessary, which saves time and increases sample throughput. Obviously, all measurement results can be saved and evaluated with 100% traceability. 


    • high specimen throughput through fast measurement sequence
    • significant reduction in measurement errors on inhomogeneous sample material
    • fully automated operation in conjunction with CORONA spectrometers and corresponding measuring software
    • measurement time 15 seconds
    • robust and compact construction
  • Calibrations


    Raw tobacco
    Substance Working range Standard Error of Prediction (SEP in %)
    moisture 0-35 % 0.22
    nicotine 0-6 % 0.20
    sugar 0-25 % 0.22
    Cut Filler / Cut Rag Tobacco
    Substance Working range Standard Error of Prediction (SEP in %)
    0-20 % 0.24
    nicotine 0-6 % 0.20
    sugar 0-20 % 0.50
    propylene glycol 0-3 % 0.06
    glycerin 0-3 % 0.04
    benzoic acid
    400-2,000 mg/kg
    sodium benzoate 400-2,000 mg/kg 50mg/kg
    Raw Tobacco Powder
    Substance Working range Standard Error of Prediction (SEP in %)
    moisture 0-20 % 0.30
    nicotine 0-6 % 0.20
    sugar 0-20 % 0.20

    These calibrations focused on quality features of tobacco and the different processing stages have been created and optimized by INB Erdmann.

    Find out more about INB Erdmann

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