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ZEISS solutions for butter measurement

Turning your process around with higher efficiency - You want to make the best possible product and sell it at the best possible price. To achieve that, you need to be able to measure and monitor even the slightest variances in the moisture and SNF (solids not fat) content of your butter.

ZEISS Spectroscopy is invaluable when it comes to butter production, since exact measurement can help you to maximize your gains from an efficient use of your raw materials.

Furthermore, with ZEISS Spectroscopy, you can be sure that the ratios of fat to moisture and SNF remain constant, which guarantees consistent quality and customer satisfaction.

Our solutions

Stability and consistency is key when it comes to butter – not just when it’s on the breakfast table, but also in terms of its production. ZEISS Corona extreme can help shorten the running-in period when production begins, which leads to lower costs and higher product quality. And when you combine this with process optimization and component monitoring, you get a butter measurement solution that will guarantee to make your business run as smoothly as the product you make.

Your benefits

  • Seamless in-line process monitoring and measurement
  • Fast reaction times during process variations
  • Reduction in operating costs
  • Simple integration into the product line
  • ​Optimization of product quality
  • Profit maximization 
Slab of Butter with Curl on Top

Measurement parameters

Parameter buttermaking process

Corona extreme

Small changes make a huge difference

ZEISS Corona extreme is ideally suited for the production of butter. Its position at the end of the butter churner allows for in-line measurement of water, SNF, pH values and fat content. This helps you to make even minute adjustments to the composition of your product, which leads to a more efficient use of your raw materials and higher profit.​

The integrated measuring head and compact design incorporating a process qualified flange ensures protection of the sensor at the interface with the material flow. Corona extreme is dust proof and protected from strong water flows and is also able to withstand very high temperatures - this makes it ideal for daily use in the widest variety of conditions.​ And it's not just rugged and dependable, it provides extremely precise and accurate measurement as well.

Together with the intuitive InProcess software, Corona extreme will allow you not just to optimize the efficiency of your production process, but to also ensure that you consistently provide the highest possible quality. So no matter how extreme the conditions you present it with, it will continue to do its job. No questions asked.

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Corona extreme
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ZEISS Corona extreme

The robust ZEISS spectrometer system for the Agricultural Industry

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ZEISS Spectroscopy Solutions for the Dairy Industry

With ZEISS Corona® extreme

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