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ZEISS solutions for dairy industry

Regardless of whether they are of animal or plant-based origin, natural raw materials are always subject to variations. Yet the goal of every production process is to end up with a product that provides consistently high quality. That’s exactly what ZEISS Corona® extreme provides. It also delivers measurement data quickly, accurately and on a regular basis, so that you have complete control over your production throughout the entire process. 

This reliability is one of the ZEISS quality promises and ensures that every minimum legal requirement can be set and met with ZEISS Corona® extreme. Our spectrometer doesn’t just take care of the production process, it also preserves resources and helps you reduce your CO2 footprint – through less waste. That‘s a big win for the environment as well as for you. And if you do want to change something in your production, individual specifications are no problem at all with ZEISS Corona® extreme.

Your benefits

As a full-scale spectrometer, ZEISS Corona® extreme can measure various parameters such as fat, dry matter, and protein content in the 950 to 1,650 wavelength range at the same time. That guarantees fast and precise inspection of all important quality parameters in real time. This optimizes production costs, shortens production processes and saves energy.

Make better decisions, faster

Various quality parameters are measured in real time. This allows you to make important decisions directly when you need to and intervene in your process as necessary.

Seamless measurability

You have a continuously available wavelength range of 950 to 1,650 nm at your disposal, where various parameters such as moisture, fat, protein and many more are measurable.

The highest efficiency

The spectrometer minimizes waste and maximizes your production yield. This provides more efficiency and allows you to conserve raw materials, water and energy.

All-round user friendly

The sensor supports you in optimizing the operation of your production line. The device is easy to use, documents everything completely, is easily integrated into the production environment and allows for data to be quickly and efficiently allocated to its source.

Smart factory

The system is integrated into your production process, takes measurement values directly from your production line and instantly makes them available. This gives you access to data and insights in real time, allowing you to reach the desired product quality even more efficiently.

Measuring parameters

Curd / Cream Cheese

Measuring point

Measuring parameters

At the separator

Fat, moisture / dry matter, protein


Measuring point

Measuring parameters

At the end of the churn

Fat, moisture / dry matter


Measuring point

Measuring parameters

After the separator

Fat, moisture / dry matter, protein

Ice Cream

Measuring point

Measuring parameters

At the end product

Fat, moisture, sugar content

Milk and milk powder

Measuring point

Measuring parameters

After the evaporator

Moisture, protein, dry matter, lactose


Measuring point

Measuring parameters

After cooking

Fat, moisture, protein

ZEISS Corona® extreme

Keeping a constant eye on quality

ZEISS Corona® extreme is characterized by precise measurement results AND well-established robustness that has been proven for decades. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the core technology in our spectrometers is not just used in outer space, but also perfectly suited for harvesters on earth. Operating temperatures from -15 to 50 °C and shock resistance up to 50 G are no problem for Corona® extreme. 

As a full-scale spectrometer ZEISS Corona® extreme delivers constant measurement results – even under the most challenging conditions. This allows you to determine the perfect process end point, exact product composition and the desired product consistency and quality. To achieve that, analytical values need to be delivered quickly, accurately and on a regular basis. Speed allows you to immediately adjust the process. Accuracy allows you to make adjustments to target values at any time. Regularity allows you to react effectively to sudden changes in values. ZEISS Corona® extreme fulfills these three requirements for successful production to the highest degree.

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ZEISS Corona extreme

The robust ZEISS spectrometer system for the Agricultural Industry

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ZEISS spectroscopy solutions for the dairy industry

with Corona® extreme from ZEISS

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