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Flour Milling

  • Introduction

    Grain is a daily nutritional staple for many people. As a natural product its attributes vary depending on the final use. For instance flour for a cookie has other characteristics than for bread pizza or noodles. Moisture, protein, starch and ash need to be controlled to ensure best quality of the finished products. The whole grain is monitored at the intake, before being forwarded to the milling process where it is ground. Inspections during the milling phase, and and in process as a final food product, are essential to manufacture high quality products.

    Near Infrared Spectroscopy monitors the relevant parameters in real time within seconds with high precision. Keeping a close eye on the grain in every production stage helps flour millers to evaluate product quality, maintain process controls and to maximize product yield.

  • Solutions

    Corona process is the complete solution

    ZEISS Corona process, combined with ZEISS ProcessAssist®, is a complete and intelligent spectrometer system with precise calibration and intuitive software. It takes on a broad range of measurement during the milling and processing of different types of grains and cereals.

    The wide spectral range, which covers the visible and the near infrared range, enables a broad spectrum of applications. The optics of the spectrometer, electronics and internal referencing are all located in the same housing together with the measurement head. Since there is no need to use light guides, external influences and light loss does not occur.

    Due to its robust stainless steel housing, Corona process meets all hygiene requirements and can be easily integrated into technological processes. The automatic logging of the environmental conditions always ensures reliable measuring results regardless of the sample height or vibrations.

    • Automatic internal referencing depending on environmental conditions
    • Accurate measurement even at a distance of 80 to 600 mm from the sample
    • Automatic compensation of sample distance influence even when sample heights vary dramatically
    • Unaffected by temperature fluctuations from -10 to +50 °C
    • Protected against shock and vibrations
    • Automatic warning when limit values are exceeded
    • Bulbs with a total service life of 20,000 hours 
    • Long-term stability; does not require frequent external calibration and only needs little maintenance
  • Download

    Corona Process

    The new ZEISS spectrometer system for the food industry

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    ATEX - Manufacturer‘s Declaration for Corona process

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    Corona process+extreme-Flyer

    Process Optimization with ZEISS spectrometers

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    connected spectroscopy

    Process Optimization with connected ZEISS spectrometer

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