Adding precision to your process - every step of the way.

ZEISS solutions for the malting industry

Fast, efficient measurement from start to finish - In the brewing business, you need to be able to deliver consistent quality time and time again. So to ensure that the raw materials you work with are always live up to your exacting standards, you need accurate measurement at every crucial stage. 

ZEISS Corona extreme and TURNSTEP allow you to control and monitor every individual step of the malting process and offer you three measuring tasks with one device:  

  1. Measure and analyze barley protein and moisture at delivery
  2. Check levels of green malt during germination 
  3. Measure moisture, protein, viscosity, beta-glycan, etc. in malt after the drying process

It’s all easy and takes next to no time with ZEISS Corona extreme and TURNSTEP. ​This allows you to gather comprehensive information about your product and provide end-to-end documentation and exactly defined quality every time.​

Our solutions

In combination with ZEISS Corona extreme TURNSTEP provides a larger measuring surface and a sample presentation that is easy to fill. This set-up allows you to take accurate and reliable measurements in several positions in seconds.

Your benefits

  • Measurement in seconds
  • Compact device design
  • Easy sample handling
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • 3 measuring tasks in 1 device
  • Regular update service
  • Fully customizable
  • Increases in efficiency
  • The process can be optimized with less waste and scrap


ZEISS Spectroscopy for malting industry | Barley
ZEISS Spectroscopy for malting industry | Green malt
ZEISS Spectroscopy for malting industry | Malt

Measurement parameters

1. Malting plant

ZEISS Spectroscopy for malting industry | Parameter malting

2. Brewery

ZEISS Spectroscopy for malting industry | Parameter brewery

Corona extreme

Three in one measurement for better results

The most effective ideas are usually the simplest. The idea behind ZEISS Corona extreme is no different - making the measuring sensor a core component of the process. And in the malting business, the measurement results provided help you to deliver consistent quality across the board.

​And thanks to TURNSTEP and InProcess software, you can now take measurements at three different stages of the process with just one device. 

Ideal for the widest variety of layouts and applications, Corona extreme's compact design fits just about anywhere and provides results in seconds thanks to its diode array. You also don't have to prepare samples - just fill it up and measure. High energy illumination with outstanding optical properties and internal referencing make for excellent results from each sample.​

Together with the intuitive InProcess software, Corona extreme will allow you not just to optimize the efficiency of your production process, but to also ensure that you consistently provide exactly defined quality. Because your business depends on delivering the same results day in day out. Just like Corona extreme.

Find out more about Corona extreme

Corona extreme and TURNSTEP
Corona extreme benefits grey E


ZEISS Corona extreme

The robust ZEISS spectrometer system for the Agricultural Industry

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ZEISS Spectroscopy for the Malting Industry

With ZEISS Corona extreme + TURNSTEP

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