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ZEISS solutions for snacks & potato products

Making the most of your raw materials - When it comes to maximizing your yields and profitability in making snacks, control is key.

You need to know what kind of quality you are working with and which compositional factors such as fat, moisture, salt, sugar or starch will affect your product. You also need to ensure that your raw materials are being used as efficiently as possible.

That’s where ZEISS Spectroscopy comes in. NIR (Near Infrared) technology covers every step in the snack manufacturing process, allowing you to collect data in real time and perform measurements to optimize your entire process. This means higher quality and output with lower waste and scrap.

Corona Process

Our solutions

ZEISS Corona process works together with InProcess software to ensure that your snack manufacturing process is as efficient as it is reliable. It’s a complete and intelligent solution, taking a wide range of measurements and providing you with all the date you need in real time.

Your benefits

  • The process can be optimized with less waste and scrap
  • Consistently high quality
  • Contactless measurement
  • Fast reaction times with process variations
  • Seamless in-line process control
  • Easy integration into an assembly line
  • Increases in efficiency
Pommes Frites
Potato chips
Peanut puffs
Tortilla Chips

Measurement parameters

1. Potato Snack Processing (e.g. chips, french fries)

Potato Snack Processing

2. Extruded Snacks (e.g. peanut puffs)

Flavoring parameters

Corona process

Maximize taste - minimize waste

ZEISS Corona process is a comprehensive spectroscopy solution, which provides you with precise measurement at every stage of potato product and snack production. ​

NIR (near infrared) measurement delivers reproducible results quickly and reliably and is easy to use and implement into your existing workflow.

​Corona process is invaluable in the production of potato product and snack production as it allows you to determine and influence component factors such as fat, moisture, sugar and starch, as well as color.

​A robust, stainless steel housing means that the Corona process meets all hygiene requirements in the widest variety of technological processes. Automatic logging of environmental conditions always ensures reliable measuring results regardless of the sample height or vibrations.​

Together with the intuitive InProcess software, the Corona process will allow you not just to optimize the efficiency of your manufacturing process, but to also ensure that you consistently provide the highest possible quality. Beyond that our intelligent spectrometers provide you with near instant insights into production processes and product quality via connection to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform. So you can focus on creating products that are as tasty for your customers as they are successful for your business.​

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Corona process with potato chips
Corona process benefits


Manufacturer's Declaration ZEISS Corona process

ATEX - Manufacturer's Declaration for ZEISS Corona process

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ZEISS Corona process

The new ZEISS spectrometer system for the Food Industry

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ZEISS Spectroscopy Solutions for the Potato Processing Industry

With ZEISS Corona process

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