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Spectrometer Solutions for Glass and Solar Industry

From windows and windshields to thin-film solar cells, from Displays to headlights and lenses, glass is one of the most versatile, practical and stylish materials available today and has become an indispensable part of our daily lives.

State-of –the-art coating technologies enable us to further enhance the properties of glass to increase its functionality for an almost uncountable amount of different fields of applications. The common ground of a multitude of these products is, that a high degree of layer thickness accuracy, homogeneity of the surface and freedom from flaws is mandatory. The verification of the results and the quality of final products after the coating process are not only required in ISO certified companies, the striving for optimized functionality and attractive design led to a significant rise in the expectations made on the quality of glass products which increasingly turns out to be a decisive competitive criterion.

Architectural Glass

Today glass is one of the most popular materials for buildings all over the world, because it provides the highest comfort in your daily living and working ambient. Glass gains together with sophisticated coating technologies, like Solar control coatings or Double- and Triple Silver Low-E coatings, a number of very useful characteristics. A high transmittance takes care of bright and light flooded rooms, colors can be adjusted for a neutral appearance or customized designs and, today most important, heat transfer is limited for highest energy efficiency to protect our environment and save costs.

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To succeed in serving the Photovoltaic market with its complex and quickly advancing technologies, it is crucial to always offer state-of-the-art technology that meets the needs of the market.
The increasing automation of quality and process monitoring procedures is an enormous challenge for the precision and reliability of all measuring systems used for 100% inspection.
ZEISS provides in-line and at-line measurement of spectral reflectance and transmittance including the calculation of color values, layer thicknesses and other product related parameters.

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Display Glass

Highly accurate, precise and fast measurement technology for the determination of the optical properties of display glass or foil is necessary to achieve products with highest quality.
ZEISS at-line and in-line solutions provide the features and reliability in a most efficient way.

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Optical Glass

The quality of optical glass is important for producers and users of optical instruments, lenses, eye glasses, filter elements. There are fundamental properties like refractive index, dispersion and transmission which needs to be measured. Since many optical components are converted it is crucial to determine also spectral properties and thickness of the applied coatings.

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Car headlights and reflectors are coated with performance layers to increase their safety, robustness and endurance. ZEISS spectrometer systems measures these coatings with special instrumentation and software to verify whether they are thick enough to achieve their purpose.  

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