Display Glass

Displays and monitors are found in our daily life nearly everywhere. At home you watch movies on an LCD, LED- or OLED TV, in your car the display of the navigation system leads the way, or you call a friend from your smartphone, read a book on your e-book reader or play games on your tablet. As versatile the fields of application for displays are, as manifold are the requirements on the characteristics of the display glass or foil.

TV screens should be big sized with a high resolution and homogeneity. Smartphone displays are required to be scratch-resistant, unbreakable and robust. Nobody wants to see reflections from the ambient light on his tablet, and it would be great to have them foldable and bendable. Displays should react reliable and fast on the touch of a fingertip and with as little energy consumption as necessary.

Thus, the manufacturers are pushed for more and more sophisticated coating technologies and elaborated manufacturing processes, like e.g. anti-reflex coatings on ultrathin glass, to fulfill all the requirements consumers have.

In this regard highly accurate, precise and fast measurement technology for the determination of the optical properties of display glass or foil is necessary to achieve these goals in a most efficient way.

ZEISS ThinProcess® is a Benchtop system for the measurement of spectral reflectance and transmittance in a fraction of a second. With its comprehensive analyses functions the system supports the R&D scientific staff in developing new functional coatings or the process engineer and operator in their daily routine jobs. While ThinProcess® can be used with a sample holder for small sample sizes of 100 mm x 100 mm, the ARGUS® system can map complete panes up to Gen 8.5 in short time.

ZEISS ThinProcess®, on the other hand, is a system for the inline control of horizontal or vertical Display coating machines with a high positioning accuracy and an outstanding measurement frequency, hitting even the smallest smartphone display sizes.

With a number of optional features, e.g. the color measurement under an angle, sheet resistance measurement or suppression of the back side reflectance, the process engineers are able to obtain even more knowledge about their process and products.

Needless to say, that a whole bunch of interface options (like OPC, PROFIBUS…) takes care that the production environment can communicate with the monitoring systems and all results can be stored and tracked easily.

ZEISS ThinProcess® enable the manufacturers to attain the complete information about the optical properties of their products over the entire coating process to achieve a maximum yield and efficiency of the production line.  

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