Optical Glass

  • Introduction

    Optical glass is used on many fields of daily live and industrial production: in consumer products, in medical and biotechnical devices, in industrial as well as in security applications. To meet high standard requirements in functionality and quality, information about optical properties, such as refractive index, dispersion, transmission or reflectance characteristics, color values or layer thicknesses, need to be gathered fast, accurately and reliably.

    ZEISS ThinProcess® systems enable manufacturers of optical glass to evaluate steadily the properties and parameters during the whole complex process. The precise NIR analysis reveals even the most inconsiderable flaw to ensure a perfectly manufactured product.

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  • ThinProcess®

    ThinProcess® is a benchtop system for the measurement of spectral reflectance and transmittance of lenses for all kind of optical applications. The measurement heads serve tasks like color measurement under an angle, big or tiny measurement spots or the suppression of back side reflectance – even for small sample sizes of 100 mm x 100 mm.

    ThinProcess® can be used either as benchtop system with a sample holder or as inline system, mounted directly in the production line. It is easily and individually adjustable the system fits to existing or newly designed coating processes. High measurement speed combined with accuracy and repeatability saves time and money and optimizes the production speed.  

    • Fast and accurate analysis at full processing speed
    • Data archiving
    • Large spot size for a fast and accurate inline process control of micro-structured surfaces
    • Indirect measurement via UV generated fluorescence
    • Optical emission spectroscopy stabilizes plasma in vacuum chamber
    • No need for additional protective housing
  • Technical Data
    Number of layers
    Sampling Rate up to 20 measurements/sec 
    Measuring range  0.40 µm-25 µm | 0.25 µm-100 µm (optional) 
    Data access  CSV file, OPC, Digital IO, and (SQL on request) 
    Integration  Ethernet