Green Energy Technologies are on their way to replace in a lot of areas fossil fuels and nuclear power. In this regard Photovoltaics is one of the fundamental technologies for the generation of environment friendly energy.

To succeed in serving the Photovoltaic market with its complex and quickly advancing technologies, it is crucial to always offer state-of-the-art technology that meets the needs of the market. A steady, innovative development process resulting from ongoing and active communication with business partners guarantees a product portfolio that always complies with current production requirements.

Increasingly stringent quality standards and performance requirements combined with enormous cost pressures in the manufacture of solar cells require not only the identification of disruptions in the production process at an early stage, but also an improved understanding of processes in general.

There is a clear target of improving yield and throughput while maintaining or even improving the quality of the finished goods. In order to reach this goal, the industry has to understand all the production processes in detail and find the right parameters for improvements in efficiency and quality. ZEISS products help them learn about the processes and improve them at the same time.

Spot checks are no longer sufficient in view of the zero fault rates specified today. For effective quality assessment, it must be possible to identify the quality features online on the basis of process data. The increasing automation of these quality and process monitoring procedures is an enormous challenge for the precision and reliability of the in-line measuring systems used for 100% inspection. These are ideal conditions for the use of optical measuring techniques and the compact spectrometer systems from ZEISS designed for industrial applications.

ZEISS ThinProcess┬« provides in-line and at-line measurement of spectral reflectance and transmittance including the calculation of colorvalues, layerthicknesses and other product related parameters. They are designed for high-throughput coating systems or to complete your daily routine jobs fast and efficiently.