FilmDetect® process control system

fast and efficient stand-alone solution


  • Introduction

    FilmDetect® process control system is the fast and efficient stand-alone solution for surface coating property metrology in-line. It measures the thin film coating thickness, determines the region of the reflection upper limits and calculates colormetric values. Easily and individually adjustable, FilmDetect® fits into existing or newly designed coating processes.

    FilmDetect® was designed for use at your desktop or fully integrated into your production line. It is based on our solid, reliable and compact Diode Array Spectrometers. It saves time and money through inline process monitoring and at your daily routine jobs.

  • Benefits
    • Inline process control
    • Fast and accurate analysis at full processing speed
    • Data archiving
    • Large spot size for a fast and accurate inline process control of micro-structured surfaces
    • Indirect measurement via UV generated fluorescence
    • Optical emission spectroscopy stabilizes plasma in vacuum chamber
    • No need for additional protective housings
  • Technical Specifications
    Technical data FilmDetect®
    Number of layers > 2 (depending on layer stack)
    Sampling Rate Up to 20 measurements/sec
    Measuring range 0.40 µm – 25 µm | 0.25 µm – 100 µm (optional)
    Data access CSV file, OPC, Digital IO, (SQL on request)
    Integration Ethernet, Field Bus
  • Download


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