Concave Gratings

Ideal for modern spectroscopic systems

Concave Gratings

  • Introduction

    Concave diffraction gratings are compounds for modern, compact spectrometers and miniaturized spectrometer modules. They combine dispersive and imaging properties in a single element. This reduces stray light, increases light intensity, and is ideal for imaging the spectrum on a diode array or a CCD sensor. The basic form of all imaging gratings is the Rowland circle grating.

    At ZEISS, all concave gratings are produced holographically; this optimize the focal plane and minimize aberrations such as astigmatism, spherical aberration and coma over a wide spectral range with a range of groove profiles.

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    Optical gratings Product line

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    Optical Gratings - Compendium

    Compendium of products, electronic components and software solutions

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