Hyperspectral Imaging

Combining spectral measurements with machine vision

Offner Gratings

For Imaging Spectrometers

  • Introduction

    Hyperspectral imaging or multispectral imaging can make the invisible visible. To achieve this, spatially and wavelength resolved detection in different electromagnetic ranges (spectra) is used.

    Imaging spectroscopy has evolved into a technique for powerful multispectral imaging. Multispectral imaging or hyperspectral imagers are mostly based on Offner imaging spectrometers. 


    Ideal for use in fields such as:

    • agriculture
    • farming
    • environmental analysis
    • food industry
    • recycling industry

    Hyperspectral imaging is also an integral tool for diagnoses, process optimization or object identification, to name just a few applications.


    The design of a hyperspectral sensor is based on Offner imaging spectrometers with three convex surfaces, including an aberration corrected convex grating and two convex mirrors together with a slit and an imaging sensor. This configuration is dedicated to applications with small resolution and high throughput requirements, enhancing the imaging quality of a spectrometer. All of the hyperspectral information is covered by a single shot sensor picture. 


    ZEISS has detailed know-how and in-house expertise for the design and manufacture of customized and specific Offner gratings.


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    ZEISS Optical Gratings - Compendium

    ZEISS Optical Gratings - Compendium

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    ZEISS Optical Gratings - Product Line

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