Inside the process


Software designed for process control

  • Introduction

    Software for acquisition and processing of spectral data

    ASPECT PLUS is a flexible, modular spectral analysis software package that runs under MS Windows. A variety of optional software packages is available to provide specialized analytical methods. Included as menu items under the options menu, they feature multi-component, color and film thickness analysis.

  • Benefits
    • Available in multiple languages (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish), other languages to follow
    • More than one spectrometer can be controlled simultaneously
    • Support of calibrations (chemo metric models) created using standard chemo metric software such as GRAMS, UNSCRAMBLER® or UCAL
    • Filter function for the elimination of outlying spectra
    • Communication via OPC for integration into production line control
    • Use of pre-defined products or creation of user specific products as desired
    • Calculation, evaluation and integration into higher-ranking process environment
    • Control of events via Digital I/O
  • Function Libraries

    Software Products for Spectral Data Acquisition*:
    Device Drivers, Function Libraries SDACQ32MP and SDPROC32

    Device Drivers

    All Operating Electronics with PC Bus Interface (PCI, USB) are supported by special device drivers. As an extension of the operating system these interrupt controlled drivers interact with the hardware, e.g. to set parameters and acquire pixel related data. These drivers cannot be accessed directly by users due to the complexity of hardware parameters and sensor operating modes. However, the drivers can be accessed by the user-friendly function library SDACQ32MP.

    Function Library SDACQ32MP

    As a base for all tec5 software products the function library SDACQ32MP (*.DLL) provides many functions for setting the hardware parameters, acquiring spectral data and supporting additional hardware functions (e.g. digital I/O). The pixel related data is transferred to the application for further processing. The function library interacts with the hardware related device drivers. The different features of the individual electronic devices in use are taken into account. The function library allows a hardware version independent acquisition of spectral data. With just one software interface, all different hardware configurations can be managed. Therefore, the application software is independent of the hardware type. The function library can handle several Operating Electronics of the same type simultaneously (up to 6, depending on type). This allows the acquisition of spectral data from different sensors at the same time. Each individual board of the tec5 Operating Electronics contains a memory chip (EEPROM) that stores various identification information and the calibration coefficients of the spectrometers in use. The function library can read and use this information e.g. for automatic configuration of the software.

    Function Library SDPROC32 for Spectral Data Acquisition and Processing

    Based upon the SDACQ32MP module the SDPROC32 library implements an interface, which provides further abstraction from the actual hardware, and a basic data processing functionality required in most spectroscopy applications. The hardware configuration is stored in a human-readable INI file, which is created by using the integrated hardware configuration wizard. Standard processing features such as interpolation, calculation of transmittance and absorbance, channel joining are implemented as well as data preprocessing functionality (i.e. base line correction).

    Test Software AdminTool

    The AdminTool is a test program for tec5 Operating Electronics and spectrometer systems. It allows the acquisition and display of pixel related data as well as the setting of the sensor parameters (calibration coefficients, number of pixels, sensor type) and their storage to the hardware. The acquired data can be exported as an ASCII file for further data processing.

    Software Development Kits for SDACQ32MP / SDPROC32

    The Software Development Kits provide files and documentation in order to develop applications based upon the respective library. Specifically the programming languages C, C++, Visual Basic, Delphi (SDACQ32MP only) are supported by the SDKs including prepared files for function and constants definition. In general most common programming environments able to
    handle standard windows DLLs can be used. In addition, some program examples in MSVC, MSVB, Delphi (SDACQ32MP only) and C#.NET are included.

    Instrument Driver for LabVIEW

    The programmer language LabVIEW™ from National Instruments is a graphical user interface for developing process application software. For the direct integration of tec5 hardware, LabVIEW™ instrument drivers are available. These instrument drivers consist of various Sub-VIs providing most of the functions of the library. In addition to these basic functions, tec5 offers a variety of Sub-VIs for processing of spectral data, e.g.:

    • calculation of the wavelengths based on the calibration coefficients
    • interpolation of spectral data
    • determination of absorption and transmission values
    • export of spectral data as ASCII and JCAMP files

    Specific application examples are provided for the USB Operating Electronics. The setting of hardware parameters as well as the acquisition and processing of spectral data is shown.

    * Software products are developed by tec5 AG.