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  • Introduction

    In today’s heterogeneous plant networks, the communication between sensors, process monitoring devices and control systems plays a crucial role in production control. ZEISS ProcessLinker helps to support the integration of our products into existing or new production lines by connecting OPC servers with other field busses in the plant network. ProcessLinker provides seamless communication even if the customer’s server and the ZEISS server speak a different language.


    • Minimal configuration effort
    • Capable of communicating with several OPC servers
    • Visualization of results (incl. spectra)
    • Extension with Profibus and simple TCP/IP socket connections on request
  • Specifications

    Software Specifications

    • Configured via a graphic user interface.
    • Created configurations are saved in XML files
    • Cyclical comparison of the contents between the ZEISS OPC server with dynamic tag structure and other OPC servers with static tag structure
    • Latency period of 100 ms to 500 ms (not guaranteed due to the unknown characteristics of the customer’s OPC server and network infrastructures)
  • Download

    Please click here to download the latest ProcessLinker version.  


    Please note that you need a license to use the software ProcessLinker.